Would any of you lovely individuals be willing to share something with me?

I don’t mind what you share. It could be your favorite song or movie or quote, life advice...


Best musical pages in social networks

I’ve been searching for new music lately, and I have found it hard to find music outside the...



Share something, whatever you want to


The Grand Music Find!

So a couple of weeks ago I deleted my entire music collection which was over 3000 songs (mostly...


I would like to discuss my poetry with whoever would like to discuss :)

hello, i have recently started writing poetry and was hoping i could find someone to discuss it...


Music That Makes You Dance ;-)

So I LOVE to dance to music, and was known for it in high school. I want to know what makes you...


Rookie onboard! Just want to say herro :)

Hello there beings :) My name is Tommy. I’m Australian. Music Animals Meditation...


beach breach

8.8.13 The sunset is molten, sinking like a fiery yolk into the mashed-as-afterthought cloudworld,...


That's Me, That is

I’ve been doing some reading lately; reading of a particular kind. The books focus mainly on the...


Tumblr Share!

Hey HEthens, how are you? wonderful! Seeing that so many of you often post your own work,...

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