What song best describes you?

I have a playlist of songs that hit me on that special level. Give me that ASMR feeling. I have...


What's your song?

What is that one song you always find yourself listening to at 1AM when you can’t stop...


One last song before dying

if you could listen to one last song before dying, which one would it be?


Digital Musicians?

Salutations all! I frequented this site religiously when I was a bit younger and genuinely...


Your Favourite alltime romantic song

Wanna know what u hear when it rains outside your window,when you see a beautiful stranger,when you...


Whats the most beautiful song you've ever known?

I’m looking for the most beautiful, thought-provoking, life changing, perspective altering...


Know a song for alt/mezzosoprane?

Does anyone know a beautiful song for range between alt to mezzosoprane? Sound color is mostly...

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