The first-ever HighExistence live event in Costa Rica

Since the early days of HighExistence, people have been asking Jordan L and Martijn when and if...


Nature of Wanderlust

I have been wondering what is it that drives wanderlust in us, and I would love to hear the opinion...


From Christianity to Skeptic.

A few years back, I got serious about becoming a Christian. I tried to read my bible and pray...


What is the key to patience?

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I have looked through the site to find relevant content on...


What is YOUR definition of enlightenment?

Everything I read seems to have a slightly different definition. Every time I think I know, I learn...


Other Spiritual/Open Minded Websites or Forums?

I recently came back to this website after like a 3 year hiatus. It seems like it isn’t nearly...


Ayahuasca: A story of how I took back control of my life



Meet up?

Hey People! A friend of mine showed me this website recently. Not sure if people still use these...


Advice on abortion and spirituality?

Do you believe it is wrong to have an abortion? Do I have the right to willingly terminate the...


Metaphysics, Consciousness and Spirituality

Hi everyone, I’d like to share a website I created that explores spirituality, metaphysics,...


Connecting Through Social Media

Hey, anyone wants to connect through Social Media so we can talk about spirituality, worldviews, and...


Free ayahuasca retreat in Brazil!

// Spirit Vine in Brazil sponsors free ayahuasca...


Friendship and Love are illusions. Why?

I read the article but that needs some clarity. Love and Friendship are .are nothing more...


Why the Friendship and Love are illusions.

I read the article but that needs some clarity. Love and Friendship are .are nothing more...



Anyone have experience with this? Why did you fast and for how long?


Authentic Retreat

You know how in the beggining of Batman Begins, Christian Bale/Bruce Wayne goes up to the league of...


Enlightenment made me depressed.

        It all started when i picked up a book called “Nothing in this...


emotional experience with dreadlock removal?

Hey guys, I was wondering how any of you guys have felt while brushing or cutting your dreadlocks....

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