I made it out of hell, but I got burned.


Could We Survive Without Money?

Money drives human beings all over the world it seems. Money is a type of incentive for going to...


Life on earth, a happy accident?

It is possible that evolution and creationism can co-exist, it very much depends on your personal...


Musings on Right Vs. Wrong and Survival

For years I have had this recurring thought. I’d like to see what you think/what it inspires:...


Rock in space

There is a splitting level that represents the distance between two states of understand, these...


Do you accept or deny human evolution?

I am often surprised by people who I feel very similar to in terms of intelligence, education,...


Into the wilderness with nothing

I am interested in some information, if you can help me. If you were to go into the wilderness with...


Dropping It All For Freedom

Ideas on how to live without money?


Fortnight of nature, sobriety or intoxication, fasting or survival

I have the opportunity to camp at a nearby lake for a couple of weeks soon, and I’m wondering...


Finding Justice During a Tragedy

Hello all, I’ve been personally struggling in a search for justice for the past couple months,...


Prophets of Doom

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gi53kq4vzY First there are three things to consider before you watch...

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