Who is ready for something beyond this site?

I am a big fan of this site. It is one the most advanced think tanks on the web that I know of. And...


Do what YOU want to do.

Are you comfortable? Right now, in your warm room, relaxing after a long day of school or work? Are...


Safe bet

If you are ever trying to decide if you like someone or not. You should probably just like them.


Just feel alone.

I just wrote two new discussions. The first one, my proper one deleted. So did the second. I’m...


Did anyone else cry when you had to go to preschool or kindergarten?

Well I did cry, for like the first week of Kindergarten. I showed a passionate distraught towards...


How To Feel IT

In my article about the The Felt Presence of One-ness, I went over how everything is One and that...


Life without a job?

This will be my first post since joining HE so first off I would like to say hello to my fellow...

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