Are you on New HighExistence group for CSers.

Hey everyone, I know many people over the years have expressed interest in meeting other HEthens. I...


Ayahuasca Experiences

So, for the next year I’ve decided at 21 years old to save up and travel to Peru for the 7 day...


Traveling Perspective

If you’re a frequent traveler of this earth, how has meeting and interacting with people from...


For Your Ears

Hi guys, here’s a little something I thought I’d share. I was contemplating a lot in my...



Where would you like to travel? Why? Où aimerais-tu voyager? Pourquoi?



I am wondering exactly if anyone has any knowledge on how to move to another country such as...


I need help! WWOOFing and I dont know where to go?!?

My Name is Jeremiah I am about to leave my home in Tennessee to head up to Rathdrum, Idaho to live...


Do you really need money to travel?

All I ever think about is leaving. But im scared that ill just end up broke and stranded in some...


From the U.S to Central & South America

Good day or whatever time it may be for you! I’ve been planning a trip to head from the U.S...



I am an american traveling to denmark, my first time traveling overseas…let alone to another...


Traveling to New York City, any suggestions of places to visit, things to see?

Going to New York City, leaving tomorrow for a week. Anyone recommend anything I have to see? I...


If you're stuck in a rut: TRAVEL! well backpack to be exact

After dropping out of my 3rd year in college, and being miserable at my job even though it...

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