Infographics on bankruptcy from the beginning til the current time

Can anyone create infographics on the financial sector of USA? I want to know how many people and...


Where is everyone from?

I know we have discussed this before but that was also a good amount of time ago. I think a new,...


How to explain the NSA affair

Hey guys, the Last Week Tonight Show posted an awesome video concering the Patriot Act and the...


I want to study in USA!!

Hi people, I’m new and I’m from Spain. I need to talk english, NOW! I want to go abroad,...


Suicide Rates Sharp Increase in US…? Explanation?

Mostly seen in the baby-boomers, but suicide has increased _30%_! 30 fkn percent! Suicide now...


Share With Me Your Energy!!!!!!!!!!


YES!!!! Shut it down, GOOD RIDDENS

If this government shutdown lasts long enough, it will effect the US catastrophically. I’m not...


Government Shutdown

What do you guys think about the Government Shutdown? Who is to blame in your opinion, and how long...


How much did the USA spend on promoting a "War in Syria" (aka WWIII)?

I was surfing through the “English Club” website to take a few English tests before my...

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