running away

Hello everyone, I need help! Lets say theres a girl. She finally turned 18 and lives a nice, but...


Why do we value humans above all others?

Today I got into a discussion on another forum about whether, if we were to find an animal and a...


Sum of Its Parts. Nature & Society

Nature is a system. It functions at its peak when each part of the system fulfills its role or...


How do YOU think this world is going to end?

Last night I had a conversation about many things in this live with a couple of friends. We spoke...


Academia – why bother?

I want to get a PhD eventually since I like studying, but what is the point of academia? isn’t...


What emphasis do you place on sex?

I like it a lot, as IMO people need it lol.. So what value do you place on sex?


On Nihilism

To set the record straight, Nihilism does not say that there are no morals, but that there are no...


Value of Education

I was just released from a biology class and I feel in terms of education (despite my grades) I have...

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