What if life was a dream?

What if this a dream and when we die, we wake up and we are kids? But we don’t remeber it...


Weird travel stories?

Does anyone have any weird/crazy/awesome/scary/shitty travel stories?  I’m sure plenty of...


too coincidental to be a coincidence??

so recently I’ve been experiencing these random coincidental events to the point it...


The weird self realization trip

I’m sure a lot of you have gone through this. It might have happened to you like it did to me,...


Why it's okay to be weird, different, or crazy?

Hi! I’m trying to find some quotes that are reassuring to those of us who have been labeled by...


First time LSD?

Soo, gonna try this out? Tips? Expectations? Halppp.


Need encouragement please.

I’m 20 and I’m going through a personal change. I’m home from college for a...


Am i the only one?

When i was still young and innocent i always thought that world is always about me. I seriously...


Weird paradigm

Hi guys. It’s been more than two years since I last posted anything on this site. But I still...



I know its marketed as a “children’s book” and the writing might be a bit...


A High Like None Other (Meteor Watching)

My friend and I smoked a large bowl of this REALLY potent pot (the same strain I broke my pot...


Weird quirks or behaviors

What are some personal quirks or anything about you that might be considered weird?...

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