1st lsd trip

 sydney (@ffearandloathing)6 years, 6 months ago

So me and my 2 best friends are planning on doing acid for my birthday in april, we all smoke weed and we also were doing dxm for a long time so we have kinda tripped but obviously not anything like acid. we are planning to do it at the beach in a hotel room, any tips for us? we want everything to go smoothly, we are staying the night at the beach. Thanks!! x

March 5, 2015 at 8:33 pm
Anonymous (149) (@) 6 years, 6 months ago ago

For your guys first time to be at a beach you fuckers are lucky! lol that’s on my bucket list I want to do that someday..
Anyway, i’ve done LSD at least 5 times, it’s fucking phenomenal! I personally see it as a 6-8 hour trip of being purely in the present moment. You think about your past (insecurities, negative shit, etc.) you will feel left behind, the trip will not stop for you.. keep up.
If you start tripping bad remember that it’s all in the mind, be aware of your thoughts, it’s your negative thoughts and worries making it a ‘bad’ trip.. snap out of it, you can do it you’re at a beach for fucks sake look at the sunset and you’ll be flooded with instant bliss, take that deep breathe like never before and feel all that weight lift off your shoulders,.. damn i’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it..
Anyway.. BE COMFORTABLE, if you’re in an uncomfortable situation or setting go to where it’s comfortable, don’t change your scene to something extreme, you’ll notice everywhere you look is a different feel, careful what energies you let in.
One tab is good for your first time, 2 is pretty insane.. that is if you’re taking the LSD i’ve taken which is real good shit.. anyway, it takes about 30 to an hour for it to kick in.

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon album (fits like a key to a door w/ lsd) *the guitar solo of the song “time” is fucking euphoric
Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing
The Beatles – Strawberry Fields
Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Sticky Fingers – Velvet Skies, How to Fly, Australia Streets, Just For You
The Drums – Me And The Moon (Matthew Dear Remix)
Kid Cudi – Heaven at Nite (maybe?) lol i like it

You can trip out to this video (JK THE REAPER + VISUAL ALIGNMENT)

I noticed Lucy likes to listen to the music from it’s time that it what born in, you could try nowadays music too but if it doesn’t go too well you know what playlist to play now. Make playlists.

Have things to do! You don’t want to start questioning “when is this gonna end?” lol it’s long, fuck it, it’ll happen but you’ll get over it quick

If one of your friends is tripping bad talk to him/her, give her something positive to imagine “look at that sunset! it’s fucking beautiful, feels like i can light my doobie off it!” haha idk man invent something
Let your energy be positive too, you don’t want to get sucked into the negative energy your friend is feeling and next thing you know you’re all tripping bad.

One thing from my homie and I tripping on it is you’ll often go on a trip about life and finding answers and you’ll come to a point where you feel like you got something fucking precious, and who’s to say maybe you do! but if you forget which is the case most of the time you’ll start again talking and going on a trip about life or some other stuff and then it’ll happen again, you’re going in loops and you don’t even know it. We noticed this like on the 3rd trip and realized it’s better to just BE and have fun with it, BE in the moment, in the present, be out of your mind, stop thinking, just fucking BE… try both, you tell me which you prefer.

If it ends up being bad LSD and you guys don’t end up tripping fuck it have fun doing something else, understand that Lucy comes to you when you’re ready.

Now something about the album pink floyd dark side of the moon, it has parts in it that will make you feel anxious like the beginning. You guys can power through it till the music kicks in and it feels fucking incredible or pussy out and never get to know what it feels like, its up to you all.. i doubt you guys will since you’ve tried dxm and i’ve tried DMT and that shit is no joke lmao
When you’re feeling anxious during these parts it’s a good time to learn how to control your emotions or rather, let it all be, accept what IS.

I explained last time to my cousin, imagine silence and noise, noise cannot exist without silence, if silence does not exist where can noise come out of, make sense?
That silence is always in the background, all the emotions and chaos happening around you is the noise and the silence is always in the background, a place you can go to whenever you please, you can call the silence.. peace, your natural state.
If you understand me cool but if you don’t then it’s cause when you actually have to deal with it you cannot mindfully take yourself there, because the mind can understand it, you can only know it, you have to do it, BE it.
Anyway before i get more confusing…

nothing else comes to mind at the moment, will post again if i remember more, but yeah man enjoy it’s a hell of a trip
it’s actually very easy to do the things i’ve explained, not hard at all so no worries.

So yeah, let me know how it goes!

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