2012: The Impending (Conscious?) Shift of the Planet

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Let’s talk about the future of the planet. The REAL future of the planet. You ever have that uncanny feeling over the past year that we’re building up to something? Most people I talk to, and I’m sure many of you would, say yes.

Now there’s two routes PHYSICAL change and SPIRITUAL change.

PHYSICAL – From what I see, the biggest things spearheading change are the Internet and marijuana legalization (inb4 pothead). I think marijuana legalization is the first step of waking up the general population that the government doesn’t necessarily have us in their best intentions. State’s rights VS. Federal rights will lead to the ignition of a new age. People will revolt and I foresee dramatic government changes.

The internet will just be the tool that helps accelerate this process. It’s information traveling at the speed of light… When used correctly it is a powerful revolutionary tool.

SPIRITUAL – There’s several theories. I will provide each version as well as my own opinion/theory.

– Mayan –
This rapidly approaching Dec 21, 2012 Synchronization date can be understood as an alignment of vast timing cycles, both celestial and planetary in nature, that was recorded precisely to alert us of the potent opportunity of these times we are now living through. The Maya say we will be entering “The Fifth World.” The Aztecs call it the Dawning of “The Sixth Sun.” By whatever name, we are approaching the Turning of World Ages, and every single one of us in an essential player in these planetary moments!

As the Maya timekeepers say, Earth herself is transitioning into a New Cycle. This reality makes it more essential than ever that we attune to the living process and potential of Transformation on all levels. So too we must find new ways to heed the calls to align our human lives and culture in harmony with the biosphere.

Mother Earth, like the living being that she is, will elevate her spiritual condition. That is why humankind, as a manifestation of her evolutionary legacy, will be able to transcend to the next level. Sadly, we have continued to destroy our Mother Earth and have put our own evolutionary history at risk, just as previous civilizations did when they reached this point. Notwithstanding, once again, we have the opportunity to ascend to a higher level, and to perfect our spiritual evolution through Her.

Source: http://www.13moon.com/zeropoint.htm

– Abraham-Hicks –
To start us off, we are non physical beings. We are a soul within a physical body. Our thoughts & emotions are the two things that manifest the universe. Everything you say or think, creates the universe for yourself. You are the creator, you are “God”.

Typically, our manifestations take, on average, 30 days to manifest. They can manifest immediately or years down the line. When 12/21/12 arrives, it will mark the true beginning of the “awakening” — even though some contest it is already happening. Manifestation wise, we will be able to do so MUCH quicker, nearly immediately every time. We will be able to imagine things into reality. Correction, we already do! :)

My input: The more I meditate, and the closer we get to 12/21/12, my manifestations are coming more quickly. I can make things come into my life within the same day on a pretty constant basis. It’s pretty crazy.

This ties into Drunvalo’s and the Mayan theories, except they both include a sort of ascendance that Abraham does not. Also, I believe the Mayans didn’t agree that individuals we’re “God”.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COMbpm8So7c

– Drunvalo Melchizedek –
So much information. You should just read the article below. Remember the Abraham information I provided above, and apply it there!

Article: http://www.in5d.com/drunvalo-Melchizedek-the-shift.html
(Also, Hidden Human History: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAm-kbzT7xw)

– My Spiritual Theory –
I am 100% on board with Abraham — I practice their teachings 24/7 and it’s amazing. Highly recommend checking out their stuff on Youtube because I believe that’s the key to the future of the planet. I know the people of the world will be waking up to this revolutionary concept over the next few years. This alone is going to shift the global consciousness in such as way, we won’t recognize ourselves 10 years from now.

As for the ascension… I’m not sure. It’s hard to just believe something that huge, but I’m not ruling it out entirely. From what Drunvalo describes, it sounds amazing! Whether it comes or not, I’m going to enjoy all the time I spend on this planet.


…or perhaps the physical changes and spiritual changes are intertwined. What do you think? Let the imagination flourish! Let me know what you think about the information provided as well. I would love having someone’s input.

November 19, 2012 at 2:53 am
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