250 Microgram LSD will be Great for a First Strong Trip ?

 Anonymous (@)8 years ago

Namaste friends i have 250 ug paperbolt LSD with me, Dalai lama Stamp, i get it in New Delhi by lot of Hard work, i want to take LSD not only for fun, i want to take it for Insights and for positive results for the first time…..i will take it when the proper time will come, when i will be emotionally balanced….coz an bad set can cause bad trip….

my friend who get me LSD ask me to take HALF of it, not full 250ug, as he himself had taken Dalai lama stamp and even half of it is strong, he warn me not to take 250ug for the first time….

Friends if i want a very STRONG TRIP…the one that will give me wonderful experiences, Ego Death and can bring changes in Prespective of my life, 250ug will be great………..i don,t want to take half….but the benefit of half is i will have 2 trips…2 times….

please advice me 250 ug will give a STRONG, trip that will make me feel as Lost…..

IMPORANT – English is not my first language, and kindly don,t use any ruff language or slangs…

take care friends.

July 7, 2013 at 11:53 pm
Anonymous (5) (@) 8 years ago ago

how LSD can change Prespective of Life ?

John “Avy” (57) (@Avernus) 8 years ago ago

250 isn’t “too much” but I wouldn’t recommend it, you will have a pretty strong trip for sure – but it could also scare you since you really don’t have any clue what to expect and LSD is a long lasting chemical. If things do end up sour, you have to ride it out. that said, even then “bad trips” can be quite rewarding.

125ug will be enough to trip too and will still be an awesome time. You should probably listen to your friend.

I warn you when asking for a strong trip, you just may get it. Do you have any experience with psychedelics outside of cannabis? If this is your first psychedelic experience, half should do just fine and allow you to get a good feel for it without being thrown in headfirst. plus you will have 125ug for another time :D

If you really really REALLY insist on taking 250ug, take half then take the other half about an hour later if you feel up to it, it will ease the comeup. My first LSD trip was 220ug done this way and it was really intense, I had about a 3 hour period where my mind was in a very bad place.

Have fun! :)

Anonymous (5) (@) 8 years ago ago

@avernus, hey Thanks bro John a lot, i am copy pasting your advice in Ms word…i have Perfect clue what to except from LSD and thats why i am not taking it these days…i will take it when i will be emotionally Healthy…..yes my friend who used LSD many times advice me the same…and u are 1000% right brother….

now i have 4 questions please answer

Q1 I don,t have much money to buy LSD for the next time, i buy it from my Hard saved Pocket money as me still doing my masters in Philosophy..so i want to use it once right now..so i want a Trip which will give me very intense experience so that it will change my life prespective, bring positive changes in my life, and bring insights into my own self……….and some users are saying that such experiences are possible when u have dose of about 250 ug or more…….can such experience is possible at a dose of 125 ug ?

Q2 What u was your experience with 220 ug for the first time brother ? can u describe me in detail or message me personally about your Trip ? how long it lasts ? how it was significant for u ? how your trip began ? where was your mind for 3 hours and does that period goes away and u have good trip than…what insights this First Trip gave u…….John Brother u will give me a big favour by describing your trip in detail and it will be beneficial when i will trip.. u can message me, if u don,t want to share on dashboard…

Q3 If things do end up sour, you have to ride it out. that said, even then “bad trips” can be quite rewarding…..can u explain me this further ?

Q4 if i preserve my LSD for months safely away from light and air…its potency will remain ? my Lsd is in form of paper bolt….

kindly reply bro….


Guywho_is (19) (@Guywhois) 8 years ago ago


In my experience, even with a ‘uneasy’ trip you still learn an immense amount about yourself and the workings of society and this (your) Universe. It just comes about in a manner that one may not be ready for. I believe bad trips all stem from set/setting. Your mind-power (ability to “Let Go”) will be the most important factor. If things get rough mentally, don’t try to take control. You gain control be releasing it. May not make sense now, but think of it this way.
A trip is like a current (or a wave) you can either fight against it and drown in the waters or flow with it and allow yourself to be carried. You won’t know where you’ll end up but you must believe and remind yourself that EVERYTHING is alright because it really will be no matter what crazy thoughts may pop up.

John “Avy” (57) (@Avernus) 8 years ago ago

“You gain control be releasing it”

perfectly said.

Sagar (1) (@addictoster) 8 years ago ago

Hy dude .. I am in bpl .. cn u arrange me 2 stamps .. or jus gimme the tip whr I could find it in india except goa?
Tht wud b so helpful

Anonymous (5) (@) 8 years ago ago

@guywhois, Thanks Dear…your advice of flowing up with wave is good…when i will take LSD…i will completely surrender myself to it…and will go where it want to take me…and if a bad trip even happen i will not try to fight it or struggle with it…whatever happened…i will let it go…take care…

Mooni (0) (@Mooni) 7 years, 4 months ago ago

Dude, i just saw these Q. & A. accidentally, and was wondering, did u take the acid? How was your trip?

qualia (0) (@qualia1) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

Guys I am about to have my first time soon. It will be a dalai lama.

How to avoid being paranoid?

lysergic bliss (0) (@lysergicbliss) 5 years, 6 months ago ago

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