A Higher Society.

Immortality (@jjj333) 6 years, 2 months ago

Societal standards are over demanded and morals can be immoral. Those in charge are living large, but they’ll never be immortal. Bound, chained and energy drained, they call themselves the cordial. They’re blind to see between you and me there lies a space between. Behind the scenes and inside our dreams we’ll find a time machine. With a count to three we can see that place we want to be. Inside your brain arrives a train filled with joy and wonder. No more disgrace thrown in your face. No rules to live under. In this place you get the girl and take her home to mother. You treat your neighbor like a brother regardless of his color. There are no lies and no one dies because we destroyed the mighty dollar. We help each other and another because that is all that’s required. Those in need only need to stand around the fire. Hate and greed will take a seat as the love we have grows higher. Those who cheat and breathe deceit will also be retired. The world before will be reborn and all will be restored. There’s nothing here for you to fear or that you can’t afford. Your loyalty is royalty and trust is a must. You word will be your bond, a thing you can not bust. Friendship is family. We all live together happily. Is there anything else we need to discuss?

May 17, 2016 at 5:17 am
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