A little Celebrity Fan-fiction I wrote tell me what you think (its pretty corny)

Why don’t Nicki Minaj and Beyonce have an all out battle like Naruto™ Dragon Ball Z™ style like say they are at an awards show and Nicki Minaj wins like best Singer or something and Beyonce doesn’t agree at all and goes to her Sasha fierce mode and Nicki Minaj is like “Oh yeah?!!!” “Roman, I summon thee come forth and protect your host!!!”
Beyonce *clinches here fist and sings in the melody of her song we like to party * “I know you did not just do that, you better know who I am! !!” Nicki Minaj (Roman form) throws the first attack “SUPREME BARBIE SLAMMER”. Rick Ross is like ” UGH did someone just say taco supreme?” Then Sasha fierce uses her elongated hair to grab Rozay and he gets slammed by the slammer. “Still wasn’t wit me shooting in the gyeeeeeem!!!” *Those were officer Rick’s last words* “that was a cowardice move Sasha” exclaimed Roman.
Sasha Fierce just laughed a devilish laugh and instantly changed her demeanor into that of a grimace. Roman thought to herself ”what could she be planning?!!!” She then notice that Fierce began to charge up a keen amount of energy in her previously clenched fist. “Surly this must be an advent attack??!!” Roman thought anxiously. Fierce then let out a booming laughter “Hahahahahaha well are you ready for your extermination, Roman ??!!!!!”
“SUPER STINGER FIST OF THE QUEEN BEE” Sasha Fierce flew through the ceiling hoping to use gravity as a annex to her fearsome technique. Roman stood frozen for she had never seen or felt such an great power. Sasha Fierce had reached the edge of the earth’s atmosphere, now she had gained the leverage she needed to pummel Ms.Roman. so she begin spiraling towards Roman. Will this be the end of Roman and Nicki Minaj ? Find out next time on -Celeb Er T-…..

May 27, 2013 at 5:36 pm
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