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 Asau (@Asau)7 years, 6 months ago

Anyone that is reading this, I can safely say that the reason they are on this website is because they are curious about the world and love all the odd things that the world throws our way. My reasoning behind being part of this website or in my opinion part of this community is because I am curious about the world and would love to know more about it.

I am writing this because I want to know what other people find interesting or what their mind is curious about these days and would love to hear their thoughts and opinions about the world.

March 25, 2014 at 10:45 pm
Ponysparkles (196) (@Ponysparkles) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I’m deeply interested in the mechanics of the mind, though, on a level of which science has not yet discovered or even began to get comfortable with – too many unanswered questions, it seems. There are things going on in us, and around us, and ways in which those things influence others like it. There’s a freedom in admitting that I do not know something, almost as if it provides a glimpse into the erratic and vulnerable mind of a child who hasn’t yet been tethered by his inhibitions. Anything can happen. Why do I believe that to be so? Because there’s no proof that it couldn’t. Skeptics will always exist, whether it be to discount those free enough to conjure obscure but possible scenarios, or because they fear the thought of death and what it may mean for them. Some feel safer and become satisfied with the “facts” as the truth, unaware that what we know today may very well change in the future upon new discoveries.

I love observing people and how they interact with the world around them, but most of all how they interact with themselves. Watching a person as they piece words together in their mind and sift through stashes of memories, right before your eyes, knowing that there is an entirely different world around you if you were looking through their eyes. We share the same language, but the association of words and images drastically changes the meaning behind our speeches. We’re all on our own level, some at higher states of consciousness and others as baby souls merely beginning their journey. Take their world and yours and multiply it by billions… with that, I sometimes wonder if the energies and building blocks of these people’s worlds intermingling in everyday life may very well be the cause for… something odd happening that we cannot explain. lord Knows there’s billions to choose from.

I’m easily captivated by the paranormal and the concept of UFOs (or unidentified anything really); the debate between believers and skeptics (which, I’m satisfied with taking no side); Questioning others and their POVs, not in a way that puts one down but moreso to encourage others that it’s for discussion and not for the sake of arguing. You must question to find answers, and then quesiton those answers. I can admit that I do not know, but I still ask when curiosity gets me, and if you’re able to question yourself.. well, that makes me feel like your actually human. I don’t like people who assume they know everything because they know the “facts”.

Wow… I apparently had a lot to say this morning. Thanks for reading that if you did – it could have gone on a lot longer :o

Asau (4) (@Asau) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I want to thank you for commenting on my post and I also want to say I enjoyed reading about your interests. I enjoy Social Psychology because I believe that people are the most interesting thing to learn about. There are numerous variations within different people. No one exactly alike and even if they go through the same ordeals they act and react in such different ways. I really love how you described how we are all on different levels of consciousness, some still growing and others at an understand level of what is going on around them. Again, I want to thank you for commenting because I like to see what this community has to say and offer.

Lisa (4) (@sfarsai) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I think a lot about my lucid dreams lately. When I a flying or soaring through the universe, and I know it, I wake up feeling so aligned with my spirit. I want to learn how to lucid dream more often. There is something very therapeutic about this kind of dreaming. It colours the rest of my day, I feel closer to the universe, to my humanity, nature, and of course my fellow human beings.

Josh (213) (@reinvented2012) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

I am really just stuck trying to figure out how I am going to fulfill my goals while helping others make this world a better place. What I am thinking is that I eventually want to open a restaurant or sub shop or something as small as a vegetable cart that I stock with my home grown organic foods. I just really want to do something that involves food as thats where I have some skills, interest and passions. I am also thinking maybe becoming a teacher and starting a course for learning how to garden for middle schoolers or even elementary schoolers. It would really start kids young learning about food and ways to be healthy.

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