A Rant on the Nonsensical Nature of Our Society

 TheSeer (@drallarnnat)7 years, 1 month ago

I don’t understand how something that grows in nature can be outlawed. Nature was here before laws. You can’t force people to only take certain parts of nature, and ignore other ones or else be stripped of physical freedom. Nature is here for all of us. We are all animals on this planet. Nothing more, nothing less.

Furthermore, to allow a certain group of animals to tell us how to live our lives is preposterous; they know no better than we do. To experience nature in any way we want to is a fundamental right due to our very existence. If education was utilized to its fullest extent, through teaching truth instead of propaganda, through teaching compassion and caring, through teaching each student how to utilize the natural world, and also how to live in harmony with it, then I argue we wouldn’t even need a government. It is ridiculous to treat the very thing that has given us life as something to conquer. As the most intelligent species thus far, we should assume the role caretaker, not conquerer. Teach principles and let those principles govern. Instead of a society that needs to be parented by the primitive idea of punishment/force, raise a society in which each individual possesses traits that keep them from doing things we have deemed awful i.e. violence, stealing, etc. Literally if every individual possessed a strong compassion, we would not have poverty or wars or violence. It IS the solution. This may not work in huge societies like we have today, but who says gigantic societies that take up whole continents is the right way to go in the first place? Going back to small communities and having no governmental organization above the local level ( except maybe for a national committee that ensures quality education and that the previous principles are taught) would greatly improve the wellbeing of human life, not to mention the wellbeing of the worldwide ecosystem.

June 26, 2014 at 9:15 pm
jgreen (35) (@andropar) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

Yes, society sucks, but posting about it on HE won’t help much. You have to spread the message to people that are not convinced.

I definitly agree with you, that going back to small communities and over all getting rid of consumerism (for example, wanting to have raspberries in winter), together with a comeback of the spiritual, social and therapeutical use of psychedelics could be a good way to improve the common way of life.

But think about this for a second: society as it is now evolved during a timespan of maybe 10.000 years (the beginning of agriculture and therefore the point in time, at which settlements were made possible). This is not alot of time to figure out how a society is supposed to work. We might have had it figured out, but that was during a time where there weren’t 7 billion of people on earth that needed to be fed. There are high demands on a society that can’t be fulfilled that easily and it will take alot of time to change it to the better. See the positive: we have the human rights, no slavery, almost everyone has something to eat and a home. Yes, there are negatives, but ranting about them won’t help. There also already are some big shifts in society (compare Bush to Obama, the current legalization / decriminalisation of marihuana) and this will continue as long as there are humans on earth.

Also, to say it again, there are 7 billion people on earth. Everyone is raised differently and grew up in a different society, therefore everyone has different values, morals and ethics. Saying, that going back to small communities is the way to go might be correct, but it won’t convince people that have a different point of view to change it. A big change in mankind won’t happen in the next few decades, more in the next few centuries (if at all).

TheSeer (168)C (@drallarnnat) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

Some of us have human rights* Not “almost everyone” has something to eat and a home. There still is slavery.

But that’s not the point. I don’t expect a big change like this. I know ranting about it won’t help. But this is what HighExistence is for: expression of thought.

I’m not saying don’t utilize nature to its fullest extent. I’m saying don’t act like the Earth was made for the human species because frankly it is just as much ours as it is the worms in your back yard. Conquering and utilizing efficiently are two different things. I speak of conquering, not utilizing.

It is important to APPRECIATE the positive I agree. But getting by on the positive while the destructive aspects run rampant isn’t WISE, it’s ignorant. Foolish. One can still be happy if they recognize the bad. One can still be happy by attempting to “fix” what has been broken.

If ranting about them won’t help, then why did you reply? Be honest, to change my mind for the betterment of myself and the world?… or because you thought you had something to say and you wanted to be heard? I suspect the latter though of course I don’t know for sureā€¦ And I DON’T BLAME you for having the latter as your motive for posting, that was my reason as well. It’s fine to write and rant just to rant and write. It doesn’t have to be all for a higher purpose. The purpose is expression. Which actually, if someone hears something that clicks in their head, it DOES change them and change their actions. A post has done that to me before… But that’s not the point. The point is, don’t go bashing on expression. That’s what this site is for mate.

TheSeer (168)C (@drallarnnat) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

But from now on let’s keep the discussion about the ideas expressed. I don’t want to talk about you. I don’t want to talk about myself. That can be done in a different thread. In here, I want to talk about the world.

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