A Real Solution to The Drug Problem

anonymity (@anonymity) 3 years, 8 months ago

A Real Solution to The U.S. Drug Problem

(Will keep short.) Sorry for the soap box. But  I have always dislike the US Justice Systems attempts to reduce Drug trafficking. So I though I’d share my idea on here.  The American Justice system currently spends more time punishing drug addicts than helping those individuals deal with their issues.  Over 50% of inmates in the U.S. were arrested on drug related charges. A major percentage being solely for possession. Prisons currently in the U.S. are RUNNING OUT OF SPACE. Costing the country money and resources. Possession charges are so extreme in the U.S. that individuals who are charged find it difficult to leave the enviroment. Possession charges make it impossible to get a job for multiple years and jail sentences just bring people who need help closer to criminals. THIS NOT A REAL SOLUTION. Instead Possession Infractions should direct most users towards rehabilitation. Where state sponsored groups can help those individual improve their lifestyles rather than ruin the individuals lives permanently with a felony conviction.  Rather than an incorrectable felony charge. Allow for a warning instead would be more successful. If the individual has had three counts of possession within 3 years. Then be allowed the felony charge with prison. But for the first two police stops the state should spend more time helping get the individual out of that lifestyle. Rather than ruining their lives perminantly instead.  Bullet points • No immediate charge for possession •State sponsored rehabilitation first •On third account of possession in 3 years then be charged. •Would reduce inmates nationwide •Would reduce profits for drug Industry •Would actually help drug addicts. Which is what those individuals need more.  Thank you for listening to my rant. 

October 17, 2018 at 5:45 pm
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