A Shot From The Dark

 JubalHarshaw (@jubalharshaw)8 years, 5 months ago

A shot from the dark. An object in the corner of the room is pulled from existence. A shot from the dark. A ray of clean lightning knocks an items up into a higher energy level. The door opens, and enter a bright silhouette; a glow bursting through his seams. I know not why, but I pick up an object (For some reason I recall it being a CD tower) and throw it at him. It ceases to exist somewhere along the flight path, possibly with a shot from the dark. He walks, and passes by the others. As he makes to pass me I ask him “What will you do with these things that you have taken?”, but either he doesn’t hear, or doesn’t care. I ask him again, and this time he looks at me. His outstretched hand never touches me but I feel a palm make contact with my chest, and push me down, not violently, but firm. His face becomes a facial prism, beginning at where it had been, ending t the very bottom of my soul. I felt he had not moved, but his visage was simultaneously in its original location, looming mere millimeters above my own, and also somewhere so personal to me I feel he knew me to my fullness. His phantom hand remained to keep me in place, but he began to walk and fade away. I awoke fully at around the time he had completely disappeared, the sleep paralysis had worn off.

Notes on the details:
The room was one very similar to the one I am in now, but it was lengthened to something more like a military barracks or a hospital dormitory. Several people were sleeping in beds parallel to my own, one of whom I knew to be my brother (he had coined the description “A shot from the dark”), the others may have been the other people in my household at the time. My own bed was furthest from the door, which opened in the opposite direction from the side my head was on, so that I could not see the figure until the door had fully opened, but this was true of everyone else as well. My first thought at those “shot’s from the dark” were that they were meteors flying through the ceiling and that they might fall on me, I perceived a little bit of physical danger due to those, but that feeling dissipated and I feel in retrospect was never truly valid (nothing physical would come of this, and there wasn’t necessarily any threat as in his intent was not to harm). The shots were directed downwards from the ceiling, and towards the inside of a shelf on a furniture very much similar to the one sitting in my room right now. At the time of those shots I didn’t know things were being taken, and I didn’t see what they were. The idea that things were being taken came after the fact and was largely colored by my questions. I think he did take something, whether metaphorical, physical or spiritual I don’t know. He didn’t think it was theft, I am not sure property is something which he accepts as a concept, or knew of, but by humans standards he had taken something of ours, which I had been somewhat offended by and perhaps led to my rash and perhaps completely insane actions. I don’t think anybody else saw him there, and I think he was probably used to not being seen. My brother saw what he did, and narrated those “shots” but beyond that was not aware of the presence beyond that and may not have been fully aware of the actions he was narrating. I think the being only made note of me at my second asking, but then wanted to fully comprehend what it was that had comprehended him. I could see very little of him, and only knew he was looking at me by intense gut feeling, he was for the most part exactly a glowing silhouette, a contrast to the quite dark room which we were in; looking at him though did not hurt my eyes (he was contained to a form and perhaps that is why) and the brightness of him did neither light up any part of the room nor cause my eyes to be ill adjusted to the darkness around me. He looked into the very core of my being, in a way which I feel was like a object in 3 dimensions being able to see the inners of a 2 dimensional object. It was a very personal invasion, which I have little problem with, he did me no harm, but was very much seeing into every place of my spirit or soul. He had to restrain me I feel, now that I had seen him, whether it was to stop me from following him, or if it was just out of slight annoyance. I have this feeling, probably possibly unfounded, that he couldn’t leave with me fully intent upon him, that in some way he would either need my permission to leave or my attention elsewhere (fighting the stasis he had placed me under). I don’t know who/what he was, although I feel I can say he was a he, that isn’t just the pronoun I would place for lack of another. I don’t know from whence he came, or if he has come before, or if he will come again. I don’t know what he wants only that he didn’t in that moment mean us harm. He was definitely annoyed I could see him, and I was/am scared for this reason. I don’t feel like he was the type of thing I would want to annoy, although I don’t think he is going to pursue me in any way, although he might disintegrate (I don’t think that describes what he does, but for lack of a better word) me if I see him the next time he comes. I can’t say if what I saw was an angel, a demon or an alien, and to try and do so would be to color the experience in a way that I tried my very best not to do in this writing. I to the best of my ability just wrote exactly what I felt and saw in this experience in the way that felt most natural coming from it. I tried not to make any assumptions beyond it, and to make note when I did or had to. I cannot say for certain if this really happened in any sense other than as a dream, but I feel very intensely that I had met this thing and seen him for a small extent of what he was, and that he had seen me for all that I am.

December 24, 2012 at 3:21 pm
Anonymous (33) (@) 8 years, 5 months ago ago

@jubalharshaw, Too much unformatted text.. Maybe i’ll attempt next week.

Jon Leo (78) (@d503) 8 years, 5 months ago ago

@jubalharshaw, That’s a powerful piece of prose. Have you had any insight since then as to what you encountered?

Have you ever read the book, flatland? It could be that that what you were able to see was merely a ‘shadow’ of sorts or a projection into our dimensions of a being that exists in a higher set of dimensions. If that were the case though, one would have been able to see it while awake in your physical body using your physical eyes.

I am also thinking that perhaps you exist to an extent in a fourth dimension and your awareness was in that dimension, but your mind tries to translate your perception of that existence into something that looks like our simple 3d world so that you can understand it better, much in the way that we infer 3d but really only see 2d. This being could be a higher dimensional being that had some projection in that dimension you were aware of allowing you to perceive him?

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