A situation, social feber and an alternative treatment for mind changing

Canis (@Canis-Keluo) 6 years, 8 months ago

   Hi guys, Ive found the magazinge a couple of days ago and beside the great information on it, I got amazed with the sensitiveness that I perceived in the readers that participate in the discussions. Was looking for lcd treatment for depression and social fober and finished reading a couple of really enlightening and comprehensive visions on some issues that normaly have a straight medical-capitalistic answer aka pills pills pills that is what I want to avoid at any price. Also the thing of talking a lot about the past and about myslef. I got the belief that action brings real changes. My current situation in life is challenging. I wont put it in another way. I`ve been a kind of normal guy that studied law, with common relationships and kind of negative way of being, without being so conscious about this. With the discovering of western philosophy came a scalade of mind and body changes. Psicodelic wisdom (and drugs) has been all this time an incredible journey of deconstrugting myself, ego and all shit there inside and outside, discovering on that path amazing people.With some changes like moving to a bigger city, I started to feel more sensitive. To the people, their inner space. And at the same time questioning all the things that people build so they are not lonely. Everything seemed so shallow. But I knew I did not have a practical answer to all that. One night sudennly I start feelling so anxious in the middle of a concert. Wanted to dissapear from there instantly. We were smoking weed and was so strange to me to feel that, very surprising. I always been a social person. But from that day I went trought a hole of silence, disconecction from the rest of the planet. I liked to be alone before, but I loved to be with my friends also. From the day I loose all confidence in me it began a new life separate from the world, felling like a ghost wandering around the classes and back to the apartment. I actually saw myself doing the everyday stuff in 3rd person. The only person that talked with me of my feelings was my best friend. and she always said that I changed a lot, for good, that I became more really sensitive. The issue is that change bring me so much solitude and fear. I miss that magic bonding with friends, really miss it. I know for sure that all is a matter of construction. Creating the new life. But the feellings were so deep that I am really isolated, not knowing how to reconect. Thinking a lot in past happiness, but at the same time knowing that I am where I am for a reason. Been reading a lot, a lot! And discovered all the incredible wisdom that comes frome the oriental cultures, that is the positive face of all this. The thing is that I need to put this body and mind in action (so isolated and chair person), in new actions, and with calm the words appear, the bonding with others will materialize.      I hope this is not so long and understandable. Just wanted to share my story and read what do you see there.   Love to you all. Carlos.   

December 2, 2015 at 4:31 pm
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