A story about choices

 spiritualpilgrim (@WishYouWerentHere)6 years, 10 months ago

I once knew these kids who seemed real cool
The were hood and streets prolly dropped out high school
We would chill and burn just because we could
but little did we know bout the struggle in the hood
They started using shit they slang so that’s when things went south
At first it was cool, free doses to the mouth
But soon I came to find these kids were fucked up
Pulling me down a road to some sad self destruct
Yeah all u here is this and smack
Shit talked about gaza and Israeli attacks
But all I wanna know is who’s the exception?
Is the only goal of young people to get an erection?
Where’s the hope and love in this insanity?
we pray to our gods but still there’s no clarity!
All we want is frivolous and material
how can we purge society from all the imperials, the evils, the injustice?
It’s all a huge challenge, we just wanna have fun
But to make a huge difference it only takes one
Now I’m not trying to scold or preach, I’m just tellin a story that no school can teach
A story bout some kids that got wrapped up in drugs, trying to make up for some missing love
So next time someone asks if you wanna get spun
please think if my story, maybe you’ll say you’re done.

September 14, 2014 at 2:38 pm
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