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Tonight had to be the craziest night ever. I know everyones experience with drugs is different but after mine tonight and past life experiences I realize the reason I flipped so bad on friends when I found out they were doing weed. My brother started with weed and went on from there and is constantly in and out of jail and hooked on meth so to hear your (now ex) boyfriend is doing weed is a scary thing to think of. Loosing one person you love is hard enough having another is where you draw the line isn’t it? Well tonight I met a super cute guy who I planned to start talking to but after the crazy night I no longer can ever see myself saying a word to him. I know the boy I met tonight is a good kid my good friends have told me and I knew he did weed but I just excepted the fact every guys must of. But to find out the guy does acid draws the line and he mixed drugs and had a freak attack where he became violent towards girls to the point of bringing them to tears is where I no longer will just sit back and accept drugs. I love the kids I know that do weed I just wish they would wake up and realize it can lead to worse. It can lead to the point where you are now sitting at home waiting for a text saying he’s going to be okay. That hes leaving the hospital. Praying it comes soon. I love everyone I was with tonight and couldn’t be happier to have them in my life I’m glad I could be there to hold them when I had to, to tell them it’s gonna be alright, to just help out and to dry their tears. I never want to go through another night like this in my life. 4 parents, 3 cops, 1 ambulance and a kid your praying will make it through is where I say please realize what your doing and be smart about it.

August 31, 2013 at 10:13 pm
x (75) (@ParalyticDreams) 8 years ago ago

@addledan, Yeahhhhhhh I think you may be on the wrong website my friend…

Cody (472) (@versai) 8 years ago ago

@addledan, What exactly happened? You seem so emotional that you’re not rationally thinking about the situation. There are a lot of details missing from this story and it sounds like you don’t even know them yourself. Have you ever smoked weed or tried acid yourself? It’s a little laughable that you’re blaming your brother’s actions on weed and this stranger’s night on acid.

Bryan (104) (@Substratum) 8 years ago ago

You have a fairly balanced perspective on the subject of drugs even though you have some very painful personal experience associated with their use. I have had similar experiences, leaving out the details, suffice to say I have knelt at the side of a casket looking at the lifeless body of people I loved who lost control and lost their life as a direct consequence of drug use several times. and once was too many times. The aftermath of tragic loss is always grief and anger …and if there is something to point your finger at and blame for the tragedy, you will….point your finger at the apparent cause and call it “evil”. It can be drugs, alcohol, guns, an automobile or motorcycle….even a disease can suddenly be perceived as an evil force that “MUST” be “STOPPED”….All that said just to let you know I can agree with you and I understand how you feel and I know you are just trying to warn people to open their eyes and be aware of the possible danger that drugs can be….and your not wrong …it’s actually true that being too “matter of fact” about anything potentially life-threatening deserves a “wake up call”. The difficult thing in this however is that …you are speaking about YOUR life experience, and you are trying to tell other people that THEY SHOULD react to YOUR experience, your grief and pain, not theirs. That is difficult enough, and the closest you might get to accomplishing that goal would be if someone is willing to feel compassion for your pain, which really would be like a gift they give to you…and not an obligation on their part toward you. So you would need the gift of their compassion if you expect them to be able to “hear” you…and to the few who would give you that gift, you are then asking them to agree with your judgements regarding the “evil” thing you are blaming for the tragedy and your pain. You are asking them to accept your personal judgements about drugs…and your assumptions and bias regarding ideas such as “weed being a gateway to other drugs”…which is just a belief and most likely completely wrong….I won’t get into the issue itself, I just want to point out that it is YOUR assumption that the idea is true, and you are putting all these things in “the same box” and expecting anyone who feels your pain to accept the who;le “package” …no intelligent person is going to do that…so you will find that this approach actually leads to finding very little sympathy or understanding of your point of view.
So look, you are in pain and wanting to identify the cause and do something about it…you decided to tell others not to let it happen to them which is a very loving thing to do.
It is also a way you chose to help yourself deal with the pain. There are much better ways to help yourself and even to help others avoid the tragic possibities associated with drug use. The most important thing is to avoid generalizing because that just fogs the issue. The alternet to generalizing is learning to MAKE DISTINCTIONS, be SPECIFIC and TELL THE TRUTH. So, for example, a specific person with a specific personality taking a particular drug in these circumstances with those people for this reason etc etc etc…The truth about anything is always in the context…the “bigger picture”…not the detail that seems to be the “culprit” to blame. Look for the “healing story” in all that has happened to you and to the people you love.

Rhett Cuthbert (20) (@rhettcuthbert3) 8 years ago ago

You said “do weed” multiple times…

Nature (67) (@stefan) 8 years ago ago

Accept people for who they, what they do and who they are not.
Realize that it is not the weed that leads them to trouble.
Why does this even affect you?
Also, weed and meth are completely different. Meth=damaging, weed=safe.

Maybe you should smoke a joint and relax.

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