Airbrushing of Models and Celebrities

Ami (@Psychotic Ami) 8 years, 4 months ago

Hey! I’m writing an article on airbrushing of models and celebrities (for a school assignment) and after researching it I’ve learnt a lot of its implications on young people and how it can make them feel self-conscious about their bodies. Many magazines/advertisements have images of models/celebrities with bodies that are stated to be ‘perfect’ but little do we know that these pictures have been retouched. These pictures give people all over the world the challenge to achieve an unobtainable body.

Being a young person myself (I’m 16) I guess its found a way of seeping into my mind unconsciously making me compare myself to other models and celebrities. I suppose there’s probably many people in the same situation as I and I’m wondering, how do you cope with it? Or can you not? It’s okay if you feel as if its a personal matter and I’m not even sure if this is appropriate content for this website.

Also, if you have been affected by media and ‘the pressure to be perfect’ and have overcome it, I would love to hear any advice you could give me and others in the same situation. If you don’t have advice (which is fine), how do you feel about this matter? I’ll love to hear anyone’s views!

April 2, 2014 at 9:42 am
Baxter (16) (@Baxter) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

It all comes down to consumerism and selling you a product . I.E you’ll look like this model .our product will make you happy . Now a 100’s of Brillion dollar business in the US alone.
Of course it gives you a inferiority complex these people barely look like the everyday human . That’s because they use drugs ,surgery,airbrushing to look the way they do . I have a friend who use to model ,if you looked at his modeling pictures and saw him in person ,you say that’s not him in the picture . All smoke and mirrors playing on humans insecurities to get you to buy buy buy . Non of it matters because truth is most of us suffer from body morphism of some type and don’t see our reflection accurately in the mirror .

Anonymous (175) (@) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

I agree with this, just supply and demand..

Anonymous (175) (@) 8 years, 4 months ago ago

I blame capitalism. :) lol..

No, in seriousness I do. And as a budding digital marketer/strategist, I know this is a negative part of our profession. Even still, any human tool can be misused.

I think model agencies/Cosmopolitan, etc. obviously know how human beings think. And our contemporary Western culture is very superficial/looks-oriented, relative to past or current cultures. So as good looking people are valued “higher” (which is true, we have to admit) then it lends to the masses seeking out their products. Airbrushing IMO comes in since it reinforces the beauty, even though it’s not physically possible.

I’m human, and as a human i do value looks or an attractive woman in a physical sense. but then I make a conscious moral stance NOT to view a woman as “better” because she’s good looking, or I deem her such. If woman A or woman B were in a room (and woman A was per my or society’s standard ugly) I would treat both the same. I would seek to date woman A, or at the least be physically drawn to her, but that’s about it. Both I would value as people and friends.

I also think it’s normal to compare, but there is a limit like there is in all things. I admit I compare, but I turn the negative to a positive. I would see what the person did to get where s/he did, and if I can’t do it, meh, not my issue. We all don’t have equal circumstances.

I also avoid media that annoys me or aggravates me. I haven’t read a pop culture-based magazine since I was a teen in the 90s, but then I refuse to read some websites, since I know the values they purport don’t gel with my value system and will get me angry. Why spoil my day based on another’s opinion? lol.. Examples are as I think they translate their personal beliefs as science without much evidence/inductive process. It goes against what science is and should be, IMHO at the least.

this is tl;dr, but then I’d say don’t read media that you know will make you unhappy. IMO, it’s a key fact of being happy in life, so people, things, etc, you don’t like, leave it be. if you can’t leave it be, change your attitude to it… :)

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