All real human change comes hand in hand with revolution.

 EAPHE (@eaperhe)3 years, 11 months ago

Hi everyone, 
In the first place, I want to apologise for all the language mistakes I am about to make (I’m Spanish). In the second place…

I want to say that I believe that real human change comes only with revolution.

Okey, okey. Not always, but, when it comes to human nature (I mean, human behaviour, social behaviour, intimate behaviour), we are able to find greater amounts of change coming from revolution, than coming from evolution. At least this is true when we are talking about visible changes (not those changes that come from centuries of social, natural, morphological, etc. evolution), because the only changes that are noticeable during our lifetime are those coming from a revolution. Even if we think about the changes in our thinking or our personality, the real ones, I mean, the big changes come from a revolution. 

What I want to say when I say “revolution”?

For example, losing a loved one can mean a revolution in our spirituality and the value we give to our relationships and our own life. In one night (for example, the fatal night in which we lose a good friend to a stupid lab-drug overdose) we can switch our mindset brutally. We can change it more in that night (in one revolution) than in a decade or two spent thinking about the importance or the meaning of life. 

So, a revolution can be defined as an event (internal o external) that completely changes the paradigme or the perspective from which we look at life, and, as a consequence, it also changes our behaviour and emotions towards our experience

What other revolutions are we exposed to:
    * Beign fired from our dream job.
    * Become a father or a mother.
    * Visiting a slaughterhouse. 
    * Visiting a poor country, or visiting a obscenely rich neighbourhood. 
    * Beign left by your soulmate, or cheated on. 
    * Suffering a big injury (for example, a back injury).
    * Witnessing or beign part of a car accident. 
    * Losing a limb.
    * Getting a terminal disease. 
    * Etc.

We can completely change the way we treat life as a consecuence of those and other situations. And I think, that most of the changes that we attribute to gradual effort, or experience, actually happen in those type of revolutions. 

I am not neglecting the changes that come from constant, and gradual effort. What I am talking about is that what put people in movement are revolutions, and that the consecuences of that movement over time, is not what i would call change, but result of change. Because, it is obvious that you dont become Mozart in one day because you listen to “For Elissa” and it crushes your soul. What I mean is that your soul crushing to every note of that masterpiece, can put you in the way to put massive effort in order to become a proffesional musician. That soul-crushing-moment is the revolution, and the decision of starting the path of becoming a musician is the real change, the rest (becoming better musician through deliberate practice over the course of several years) is not change, but a consequence of the revolutionary change (A consecuence of the soul’s change).

So, where am I going with this?

Since this is a website centered in self development, and I have already written more that I was expecting to do so. I will try to be brief here (I dont think I’ll be able to…). 

I think that the thing with those revolutions is that they break the wall we all have in front of our souls. They put truths that we already know, in front of us in a way that it is impossible for us to avoid them penetrating the wall. I don’t know if that sentence is understandable in English, so I will put it in other words. I think that those revolutionary moments are special because they make us internalise realities; realities that we are already aware of, but somehow we neglect them. They dont really change us, but they awake us, they let us see clearly.

After all this everybody-knows-that-BS, what’s the conclussion

The conclussion is that if we center ourselves less in our goals, and put less attention in the tasks we have to do in order to achieve the goal, and we put our attention in the truths that we are internally denying and that are keeping us from behaving the way we want to behave, we will automatically pursue our real goals without thinking that much about them, but about the process of life. I mean, we will live life, isntead of thinking life.

That’s why I think that, despite all the progress I have made in my life through effort, the issues I have with myself are more or less the same since I started this journey of self bettering about 8 years ago. And, a few hours ago, after a soul crushing conversation I’ve had with myself (after a soul crushing personal situation that I am not going to describe here) that have almost make me burst into tears (while smiling) I have come to accept a few harsh truths (I mean, internalise them), and I already notice that I am behaving just the way I expected me to behave since always. I am the man I want to be, it could be said, that I feel that I am myslef for the first time. I dont get that unconfortable feeling of not beign myself anymore. 

Since I believe in revolutions, and that they are the real source of change, I think this thing that has happened to me (or that I have made happen to me) is a revolution. Not the last one I assume. 

So, which are those harsh truths:
    * Despite the pain of effort, if your are carrying this very instant in the way you want, you dont feel any of that awkward feeling of not beign you. The situation might feel unconfrotable, but not your behaviour.
    * You have a terminal disease, It’s known as LIFE. 
    * You do not need a system to do it well. OF course a system can help, but it wont work for you. 
    * There’s no future, no past, no identity to defend. All you have is this moment, all you are is this moment. 
    * You have ALL the responsability of every action and every reaction you have. You might not be guilty of the things that hapen to you, but you are totally responsible of them once they happen.
    * You have supreme capacity of action. There is no resistance (internal or external) that can keep you from trying, the only thing that will do that is a decision of not moving. I am not talking about outcomes (you dont control them), but about actions. As well, it means that you have TOTAL freedom inside your reality.

To sum up: All you are is this brief moment, all you are is your actions.You have supreme capacity of action, and, as a consequence, you are COMPLETELY responsible of your own life experience, and completely free to chose it. Start know, because you are dying.

I know that those harsh truths are nothing that haven’t been written before, but it is not about knowing a lot of sentences and concepts about human experience. It ‘s about internalising the truths that keep you from beign you, and those can be the same as those noted above (but expressed differently), and more likely, others.

I wish that what I’ve put into words is what I meant to tell you all. I wish that the language barrier have not changed the meaning of my words. And I hope it can help someone. 

Sorry for the huge paragraph. Hope you enjoy it. 

Thank you for your time. 

July 1, 2017 at 12:59 pm
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