All the things that can enlighten you to the truth are demonized

Manimal (@manimal) 9 years ago

I saw that quote in a video earlier today. The video itself was ridiculous, but that saying is very, very true.
This was nothing new to me, I realized this some 7 years ago, but most people don’t know and what better place is there for this topic than a forum such as this one?

Now, some of you are probably going “Yeah man, legalize it” but that’s not what this topic is about. I’m sure you already know that a lot of drugs can help enlighten you to some degree, so I decided to leave that out of this thread.

What this thread is about is a bit different, but I’ll show you a quick example.
If I say words like occult, Lucifer, elohim, Baphomet or sephiroth… what thoughts come to mind?
Some of you are probably going “Oooh evil stuff, the devil” and some others “Ahh not this wija board hocus pocus nonsense again.”

That’s exactly the point I’m making. Most people have no idea what the words really mean, and what they’re really about, that’s what this thread is about.
So let’s dive in.

-Idols, devil worship and taking the Lord’s name in vain-

The famous “thou shalt not” commandments from the bible are something that I assume you all know already. But very few people ever contemplate what they’re all about.
And here’s something that, despite being glaringly obvious, goes unnoticed by pretty much everyone…

The priests (and God) say that you shall not worship idols… but what about that dude on the cross, man? And that mother of his? And the cross itself?
Isn’t it a bit ironic? Those are obviously idols, and they’re obviously worshipping these idols. What does the bible say about that? Hmm?
In fact, it is said many times in the bible that you shall not worship, not to idols, not in churches, not at all… yet that’s exactly what the so called Christians do. They say they’re following the words of the lord, but what they’re doing is defined in the bible as blasphemy and devil worship. Strange huh?
And that crucifix, it’s a dying man on a cross, a symbol of death.
Yet people never question this, or even notice it. Strange…

The “christian” concept of God is actually three different ones. First there is Elohim, the creators. Then there is also Jahweh and Èl. These are not at all the same thing.

I could go on and on about the idiocy and wickedness of the church, but it’s not that relevant, I’ll leave it at this.

Also, what’s the most common use of the word idol? Talking about celebrities, people you look up to… having idols is idol worship, mental poison.

-Baphomet and Lucifer-

“What the fuck am I looking at?”
That fellow right there, for those of you who don’t recognize, is Baphomet.

“And you’re telling me this thing isn’t evil? It’s got a goat head and wings and tits and a satan star, and snakes are eating its dick.”

That’s exactly what I’m telling you. It’s not at all what you think, and those people who noticed that Washington and Lincoln are both depicted mimicking Baphomet and went “holy shit Satan rules the land!” were just crazy and misinformed.

Now let me explain what Baphomet is. Baphomet was thought up by the knights templar during the crusades in the middle east. These were those knights who got sick of the tyranny of the church and deserted.
A lot of people think the name Baphoment comes from Bahamut, a god-beast of Arabic lore, but that’s not the case.
The word Baphomet literally translates to “wisdom,” and all those weird symbols relate to that name. I’ll give a brief explanation.

The twin snakes are an old and very common symbol for woman/feminine, they represent the fallopian tubes. This together with the tits and the Venus pentagram, reveal the feminine nature of Baphomet. “But it has a dick and looks male…” yep, it’s called duality, that’s the meaning of this icon.
The wings are a common symbol for ascension, and the goat horns are a common symbol for the “ajna chakra,” you can see this symbol in pretty much every culture, typical example is the Greek god Dionysos. The radiating flower on the head is known in the east as “the gong pillar,” usually represented by a lotus flower, it symbolizes higher wisdom and connection to “the source.”

Why they made her look so scary is a good question. Maybe it’s just our associations, due to social conditioning… or the may have done it intentionally to keep the Christians and Muslims away.
The crescent moon is the symbol of Jehovah/Allah (that’s why it’s the symbol of Islam,) the two opposite moons is another sign of duality. The hand sign means “as above, so below.”
And while he does make the “prince” sign with his left hand pointing to the dark moon, this does not mean “prince of darkness.” The moon isn’t dark in the night, it’s “dark” when we cannot see it, in the day. The sign means “son of the morning.”

“Son of the morning? That means lucifer, the devil, I knew this shit was evil!”
Hold your horses, that’s not it at all. Baphomet is an icon of Lucifer, but there’s nothing evil about it.

Lucifer literally means “lightbringer.” There is nothing evil about Lucifer, Lucifer is not Satan. Lucifer is the bringer of light, the enlightener, the god of wisdom. See now what I mean by demonized?

Where the hebreic teaching has Lucifer, most other ancient teachings have two separate gods for the same purpose. In the Greek mythology there is Aphrodite and Dinoysos, matched in Roman mythology by Venus and Pan. Odin and Frigg in the Norse mythology have the same roles, although there are more Luciferic gods in their tradition.

Lucifer and all his equivalents are “Venus gods,” the pentagram is based on the movement of planet Venus in the skies. The pentagram is not a satanic symbol, but a symbol of Venus, enlightenment and the “divine feminine.”

Lucifer is one of the elohim mentioned in the creation, in the very beginning of the holy book. The other “lucifer” that is mentioned much later, the fallen angel who tried to overthrow god, is a completely different character that was added much later and has nothing to do with the actual Lucifer.

Sorry, metalheads, for ruining your songs ;)

-The serpentine offering-

We’ve all heard the story of Eve and Adam eating a strange fruit because some snake told them to, and the God gets all trippin and throws them out of paradise.
Not only is this a completely misinterpreted story, but not even in today’s crazy distorted version of the bible does it ever say that this was a bad thing.

Because it really wasn’t, there’s nothing sad about that story, it was not at all about breaking some rule and being punished for it.
What it’s really telling us is something completely different.

The serpent in the tree is a classic symbol of Lucifer, but also a traditional symbol for the kundalini. The fruit they eat is called the fruit of knowledge, it came from the tree of knowledge in which this serpent resided. This made them conscious and after this they couldn’t stay in paradise and came to earth. Things starting to add up yet?

Ok I’ll explain it to ya. Think back to when you were a child, what life was like back then…
You were carefree, happy, playful, the world was a playground, everything was really cool, you didn’t understand much but you had a good sense of imagination, life was good, like paradise… but then one day something happened, you realized something, and life took a turn for the darker, less fun and no longer paradise.
Many refer to this as “losing your innocence” (a stupid term for it if you ask me)

That’s what that story of Eden in the beginning of the first book of Moses/Genesis tells us about.
Adam and Eve became aware, they were no longer naïve and ignorant, they understood things, they realized that the world is not all happy-go-lucky-joy-joy. They opened their eyes to the cold hard truth, the “dark” reality of the world.

“To enter the kingdom of heaven, one must first become like a child again.”
I’m sure you recognize that quote. And it actually describes the road to illumination. When you can see and understand reality, without the negativity and fear, you find paradise. It’s not a place you come to after you die, it’s a way of life, right here on this planet in your very body and mind. It’s a state of mind where there is only joy and knowledge. This is spoken of in most religions, but they’ve all been distorted over time.

-Satan and the devil-

If I ask you who Satan is, what would your answer be?

Something like “The devil, Beelzebub, the lord of evil,” right? Well what if I told you that this too is wrong? Because it is.

First of all… Beelzebub, the lord of the flies, was a death god worshipped by some middle eastern tribe/cult a long time ago. A “heathen false god,” a case of idol worship. Beelzebub is not Satan.

What, then, is Satan? That’s simple, Satan is an icon for darkness, death and destruction… but not really evil. Darkness, death and destruction are simply forces of nature, laws of reality. Not evil at all, other than in people’s opinions, but opinion is not reality.

If I ask you to mention a god who’s name sounds like Satan, what would you say?
Saturn? BINGO! You are a winner.
This is made even more obvious when we look at their roman names…. Satanas = Saturnus.

Saturnus is the roman god of.. wait for it.. darkness.. death.. and.. destruction! The greek equivalent is Hades, and Hades is mentioned in the holy book as well.
The Hindu goddess Kali and the Norse goddess Hel are other parallels to Satan. Even Shiva is part satanic, and so are Odin and Zeus to some degree as well.

Satan is not evil, Satan is one of the Elohim that are credited by Jews and Christians for creating the world. Part of all that is.
Satan is not the devil.

Yes, you heard right, Satan is not the devil. The devil is a completely different concept. Devil is simply put evil. Bad intent, hatred, anger, weakness, fear, corruption… the devil exists only within the human mind, only humans are capable of that mental poison which we call evil and corruption.
The twisted man is the “adversary of God,” Satan and Lucifer are not. They are part of what people call God. (Elohim)

-False enlightenment and spirituality.

So in case you haven’t gotten the point yet… religion is stupid and wrong, it doesn’t get people “closer to god” but only deludes them into a haze of ignorance, hatred and fear.
A lot of people understand and agree with this, but they do practice a form of religion…

…I’m talking about New age, Buddhism, and the likes. I know that a lot of you will get upset about this, as these things are very popular among the users of this site… but these are all examples of stupid religions as well.

Being unstable is not a sign of spiritual awakening, it’s a sign of deep set mental issues.
Tripping balls is not enlightenment, it’s called hallucination for a reason.
Sitting on your ass humming all day is not enlightenment, it’s passivity.
Simply being a good person is not enlightenment, it’s simply being a nice person.
Merely being really fucking happy is not enlightenment, it’s just positivity and mental health.
Simply “opening your third eye” is not enlightenment, unless you use it properly.
Meditation is not the answer to everything.

Enlightenment is NOT about a belief, it’s NOT about a behaviour, it’s NOT about a certain thought or action.
Enlightenment is all about awareness, knowledge, simply being illuminated and intelligent, in tune with reality, and nothing more. That’s really all there’s to it.
“Lighting up the dark,” that’s all it’s really about.


To those of you who read through the whole thing with an open mind, thanks for reading and welcome to the other side. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something.

For those of you who want to educate yourself about enlightenment (mental/spiritual as well as physical) and the true meanings of the ancient teachings, and some other stuff like that, I’ve got some great book recommendations.

The Kybalion – Three disciples (this one is free)
God-man: the word made flesh – Carrey and Perry (this one too)
Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu
The secret teachings of all ages – Manly P. Hall
Book of lies – Richard Metzger (funny book, great for understanding the stupidity of a lot of “occultism”)
The infinite and final cause of creation – Emanuel Swedenborg
The book of the law – Aleister Crowley
Taoist secrets of love – Mantak Chia
The book of Seidr – Runic John
Ancient secret of the Fountain of Youth – Peter Kelder
Magick without tears – Aleister Crowley
The Egyptian book of the dead – ????
Awaken healing energy through the Tao – Mantak Chia
The Tibetan book of the dead – ????
The biology of belief – Bruce Lipton
The secret history of the world – Jonathan Black
As a man thinketh – James Allen
Path notes of an American ninja master – Glenn Morris
Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsh

And if you’re into hardcorer reading of a lot of weird hardly comprehensive stuff, check out the rejected books and the pyramid texts.

Peace and love

November 7, 2012 at 6:27 pm
NacroxNicke! (3) (@nacrox) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Thanks for sharing Manimal, good stuff right here, good book list too :P

LVX (297) (@Vovinawol) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

I like your older posts such as this one : )
I forget exactly what I asked you way back…but i suppose I will get no answer, and that’s fine of course.

Blah (363) (@tentninja) 7 years, 4 months ago ago

“And you’re telling me this thing isn’t evil? It’s got a goat head and wings and tits and a satan star, and snakes are eating its dick.”

hahahaha quality.

Tokuwuwoh (0) (@Tokuwuwoh) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

@manimal: It is a topsy-turvy maya world we are in, indeed all the things that can enlighten you to the truth are demonized, and this is across the board.

It was chilling that the age of enlightenment movement was demonized and extinguished.

Had came a long way to realize that even the mainstream science as it now is, is delusional, and its falsehoods are deeply etched into the minds of mass majority to the point of being incorrigible.

Would like to share with you a topic on “The paradoxical effect of nature”:

And the UVS periodic table model of a Klein bottle topology, which shows the underlying celestial mechanism of supercluster that manifest all physical existences, seems to be already demonized as Lucifer in a subtle way. Some kind of higher existence at play?

And if you are game enough for enlightened philosophy of science, have a look at “Critiques of the scientific method with mainstream consensus”:

The world needs to wake up.

Alex (63) (@alexsabus) 7 years ago ago

Elohim is the Hebrew name of God according to the Sacred Scriptures.

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