All we need is to listen, but which one to?

 Kripi (@kripimehra97)4 years, 10 months ago

May be you have heard that “Music is all around us, all we need to do is listen”. Here, music can be referred to as universe’s voice, omens and so on.

Imagine that you have always been contolled directly or indirectly in making decisions of your life by the people around you, it may be family or any guardian. You have been searching what you are meant for since you are born and now finally, you figured out one thing which you love after failing in other things. This time, it can be a failure once again because nobody knows the future and of…course we work on a strong guess work only which you are ready to accept and try again even if you fail, at least you followed. Moreover, in a way, faliure makes us smarter. So, won’t it be like you are missing a chance to be smarter?

Now, as you want to go on a path by listening to your inner music/voice, another music is playing from the outer world’s predictions or so called astrology. It says that you need to wait one more year, else, you will fail. Your guardians have a strong belief in astrology and they want you to follow it, you think fine you can tolerate one more year where you tolerated almost 18 years. But now, your inner voice is dancing on your head which you can control but also the sorroundings are suffocating you much more than ever and you are having a strong desire to follow your dream.

Now, which music would you listen to? Inner or outer?

I read somewhere that almost everything in universe try to influence us, it depends on us if we let it.

August 19, 2016 at 12:09 pm
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