Alternate Lifestyles: Living our Ideals

Justin (@falsecandles) 9 years, 12 months ago

It goes without saying that there is something “different” about us. Nearly every article on this site refers to us as people ” wanting more”, be it happiness, experiences, you name it. It also goes without saying that not all of us or identical in our goals…

Regardless. There is “something” there that set us apart. Be it our path of self-development, our ideologies, our tendencies, our way of thinking, or just what we happen to spend our time on. We spend a lot an awful lot poking holes into the society’s and cultures around us, the lives that “normal” people tend to live.

My question to you is, How do we survive in a world that is arguably against the majority of our ideals. We can scoff at the student who graduates from a college with severe debt, who swiftly enters into cubicle work to pay off said debt ( his career I assume), but what can we do to avoid this fate?

What sort of lives can we live so that we can ACTUALLY live?

We can’t all fit into the aesthetic life style.

June 2, 2012 at 9:43 am
skylark (2) (@skylark) 9 years, 12 months ago ago

I live my life by striving to follow what I believe in. I’m not religious, or very spiritual, but I do have core values that I maintain through my everyday actions. I am in university, but I have chosen a program that reflects these values. (Social Justice and Peace Studies). I fund this school with low-skilled, minimum wage jobs so I do not have to take out loans, therefore not incurring debt and becoming a pawn in our system. This is building my knowledge, and self, so that I will be able to choose a rewarding life dedicated to social movements and the protection of the environment.

Future plans: travel for a couple years after university. Teach English in Quebec, France, South Korea. Intern on an organic farm for 1+ years. Get Masters in Environmental Sustainability. Work for NGO or other non-system related employment, contributing to the overall satisfaction of my life and the improvement of our Earth and socio-economic system. Buy land. Build Earthship ( Eat local. Practice yoga, holistic medicine. Fall in love a lot. Meet new people. Appreciate everyday.

I find that making yourself happy as an individual is the first step to changing a society and a culture. If you live the life you want other’s to follow, they will see the joy it brings to you and the benefits of the work you do. Live in a community that shares your goals, it is easier to organize with like-minded people. Share your beliefs with other non-like-minded people. Expand your consciousness by engaging with as many different people as possible. Minimize your stress by following your heart. I also understand that this is coming from a privileged perspective, as I am able to enjoy all the opportunities that I have listed above. I recognize this is unjust, so a lot of my life’s work will be focused on empowering humyns that surround me with the same driving force I feel, and working collaboratively to allow all these opportunities to be available to all.

Praxis: Yoga, Vegetarian/Vegan, Activist, Organizer, Carer, Meditate, Sleep 8 hours a night, Travel, Buy local, organic, sustainable, Plant Trees, Garden, Buy secondhand, Love your body, Love yourself, Take care of animals, Bike, Walk, Run, Skip, Eliminate things that bring you unhappiness, stress, Love, Understand other perspectives- even if you do not agree, Use natural products, Make new friends, Read the news, Read non-fiction, Read fiction, Knit, Stitch, Paint, Dance, Cook good food, Drink good wine. Opt to stay engaged, Say hello to your neighbour, Smell the flowers. Watch the sunrise, see the sunset. Look at the stars and moon. Enjoy your life (in my opinion you only have one, we might as well enjoy it to the fullest extent).


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