An Open Letter to Evil

Evil. You entered my life and fed me nothing but lies from the start. So secretive and so manipulative- you portrayed yourself as something great. Someone who loved, and cared, and was funny. The mask you wore was quite convincing. But it didnt take long for you to show your true colors. And what dark colors those were.

I was naive to not see you clearly at first. I thought I was going to have a family, a marriage, a baby. I am a real person with real feelings, real connections, real compassion, and real love. Something you wouldn’t understand. I have no idea where things took a wrong turn in your life, but you fucked up when you thought you could steer mine in that same direction. You’ve taken me through a tornado of Hell, but I’m thankful. You taught me about the evil that exists in this world. The dirty snakes who play mind games, cheat, steal, abuse, and lie. You proposed to me on December 29, 2015. We found out i was pregnant on January 9, 2016. A blessing was to enter my life, but so was a lot of heartache. The lies became more and more. And so the arguments became more frequent and more aggressive. Some were white lies. Some not so much. I pushed through and hoped for the best. Because although the lows were low, the highs were so high. I felt like you understood me. ME. I could be myself and i was loved for just that. But maybe that was all just a fun game to you. After the baby was born, things got worse. I wasn’t going to let you bully me around. I dug deep to find out your secrets and watched you shake in panic. The closer I got, the angier you became. Always hiding your phone, always lying about money, always hiding who you really were. When you started avoiding sex with me it hurt. When I found porn on your phone while you were avoiding sex with me it hurt even more. I felt like a piece of shit. Ugly, worthless, sad, and lost. You soon turned into such an angry and mean man. Resorting to violence when caught in lies and unsure of your next move. I’ll always remember the night of our anniversary. The first night you laid your hands on me. I fleed to my Mom’s that night….crying more tears than I knew i could. Our relationship was rocky and messy and carried no exact title after that. I’m not going to call myself stupid for trying again with you, because I wasn’t stupid. I was in love. But I should have listened when they said it would happen again. Again and again and again. I found out so many things about you. Like how you were still married to your ex wife all along. And what a Bitch she was. Your little fucking partner in crime. Helping you harrass me on social media. Showing up by your side at all our court dates & an our apartment to help you pack your shit. I’ll never forget the message she left me once where she said “I usually do what he tells me to do.” It made me sad. You’ve always been the shittiest father to your kids, Evil. You never truly loved them because you’re incapable of such a genuine and vulnerable emotion. You see your boys once in a blue moon. Choosing anyone and everything over them. You haven’t seen your daughter in a month. And you’ve gone 2 before. And let me make this statement right now- you will never get the chance to see her again. Because believe me, I tried. Even if you degraded and abused me. I still wanted you to have a relationship with your baby girl. I tried too hard. You’ve never seeked time with her to smply have time with her. You came to see her when it meant seeing me and getting another chance to manipulate me. I could never trust you with her anyways, so it’s best you made the choice to not be in her life. Although, she doesn’t deserve that. An innocent girl growing up to wonder why her dad didn’t care enough to be around. To love and support her. To be there for milestones and big events. To teach her what a man is. No. You could never do something like that. Because you don’t even know what a man is. But believe me when I say MY BABY GIRL is going to be just fine. Not fine, great. You cause nothing but pain to everyone you meet in life. Because miserable loves company. There was one night where I almost died. Being choked out, laying on my living room floor, gasping for air or help. That was the closest I’d ever been to death. All I could think about was my baby. And I wasn’t about to let YOU of all people take my life away from me. We’ve been through so much, but I’ve come out a stronger person. And a smarter person. Never will I let Evil enter my life ever again. Today I learned some news. That while we were together and while I was pregnant with our baby, you were cheating on me. I knew it all along. I could just never get you to admit to it so I hoped….maybe you didn’t. Maybe that was the one thing I’d dodged out of all the horrible things that could happen to somebody. I should have known better. I knew my gut was telling me something when I found those receipts. I knew my gut was telling me you were a cheater when you slept with your phone in your pocket and always left the house with cologne on to run a simple errand and always showered before we went to bed. You were dirty. Fucking dirty. To imagine myself laying in bed home alone and pregnant waiting for my fiance to get home from work while he was fucking another bitch is the most disgustion vision i can process at the moment. I hope you understand that you hurt me an unbelievable amount, but you didn’t break me. I hope you see all the trauma you’ve caused. This Hell on Earth you’ve created. I hope you will stop ruining people’s lives, but I doubt you will. I hope you are surprised by my strength and amazed by my vulnerability. Because I’m not afraid to share the truth. I’m not afraid to be honest and raw and genuine and stand the fuck up. I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve learned and the woman I am today. I’m thankful to be the mother I am and get the chance to share my life with the most beautiful beautiful soul I know to be on this planet. I’m thankful to have God in my life and be able to now steer clear from these demons you tried to bring into my life. Goodbye forever. Evil. And don’t you ever try to come back.

June 8, 2017 at 10:18 pm
evil666777 (0) (@TristanForshaw) 4 years ago ago

  1. Well, unless that was a message from the mother of my child having a pop-socked slant at my character in some kinda semi-fictionalized narrative about, ‘what’s-in-a-name?’
  2. I’ll assume that the previous message was posted for the benefit of your ex-guy’s ego was it? Somebody named, ‘evil?’ Not, ‘evil666777,’ which is my tag, I certainly never nearly killed no-one, gurl!
  3. So, I just wanna’ establish for the readers that this is crosslines here; a simple case of, ‘ID,’ Confusion. My Monica And Another Dude Having A Resemblance For One Another In The Title Stakes, you Understand What I’m Saying…
  5. I can slope off now back to my Social Networking, Knowing that I Have Done Nothing To Harm You & That This Is Just A Little Mis-Understanding, Yeah? Okay. Peace. Good Karma. Boomshanka!! I’m a LOVER !!!Check Out, ‘My Monica,’ On Me Profile Innit? 
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