Any advice to help me adapt to my new life?

 Linjoe (@linjoe)4 years, 10 months ago

since a few months i radically changed my life.

I’ve always been busy with entrepreneurship but nowadays, next to my study, are the only things that really take up my time.

My favourite hobby was smoking weed because it made me relaxed and mad me get the things done in the moments that it was too difficult to do on my own motivation. Because of my ADD it’s often very hard to find motivation to get things done.

My girlfriend noticed how the smoking weed daily changed my way of coping with emotions. they where gone, or at least too a point where I didn’t have to deal with them, by just being relaxed and not really giving a fuck.

Now after quitting for 3 months i’m still craving for a joint daily, wanting that peace in my head, getting the things done easier. ‘but how amazing would it if I could come to a point where I could do without?’ is what I keep telling myself.

I feel tired everyday and even though I accomplish alot, its not in the tempo that i’d love it to be, its difficult for me to see my accomplishments.

After years of being addicted to persuading women, I am finally able to see girls as living people and am able to be friends with them.

These are two very big accomplishments so far but I cant seem to find a way of getting myself happy as I used too be. This new life really is what I want but I cant stop craving for how it was, even though I know if i’d go back it’ll never be as awesome as it’s in my head and just keep me in my addictions…

So my question is: how do I adapt to my new life? how do I make it myself easier to live this new life?

I do meditation every morning, sport 2 times a week and go on great adventures. but I feel stressed everyday, cant seem to be really happy anymore or totally be in the moment

November 15, 2016 at 5:00 pm
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