Anybody Else Had This Astral Projection Experience – Please Help!? 0.0

Seren (@Seren-Hutton) 6 years, 1 month ago


I have been trying to astral project for the past four days now (only got feet/legs to be paralyzed) and my former friend keeps on intruding.If I attempt to AP and fail, I always have these incredible dreams. But then he appears. I used to have a past life thing with him (it’s too long to describe on here) and now he’s stalking me every time I’m attempting to AP (we have no means of contact anymore and neither for the others). When he used to appear in my dreams, he would be either ignoring me, be a bystander, hating on me or be with someone else. This time, we actually interacted with each other and stuff ;) …

But why him? Has anyone else had this similar experience to mine before whilst meeting with the same person whilst APing or via dreaming? He’s appeared for the past THREE days now. He’s absolutely annoying. I haven’t thought about him in months and now he’s back. We weren’t romantically involved…just a friend. He saved me once in an OBE with some other folks once…not a fantasy…a truth. Wish I was left there forever, though tbh :3 

If you think I’m crazy (which I’m not) please don’t comment because I will bite you in the ass twice as hard…so just a warning :) Serious peeps/comments, please! It’s driving me nuts. Also, to read some of your experiences would be awesome :) :D :3 

So basically…

Has anyone ever approached the same person for an amount of time whilst APing or dreaming?


April 6, 2016 at 9:13 pm
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