Anyone have the same trip of seeing out others eyes

Shablahoot (@Shablahoot) 4 years, 7 months ago

I’ve had some time know to look back on my trip and I have alot to sort through but alot of what I experienced was the universal bad trip I think the trip where you go down the Rabbit hole and gives you the message its just if u can take it in and get the meaning of that message the bad trip wasn’t that bad it was eye opening but this was probably the last big trip I had of this basically hole day trip but I was looking down this wire and screen started to light up in it and they were all little screens of seeing out others eyes and there was at least 100 screens to a million or more screens they never stopped and I couldn’t see out of all of them but I locked on to one screen and it was out of this baby’s eyes and it got bigger and bigger to it was almost I was the baby and I was seeing out of my own eyes and it was looking at his mom and it was this beautiful blonde women who I had never seen in my life and I don’t know if I ever will again and then I caught myself before I got stuck in it and I just opened my eyes and I was back but has anyone had a same trip or something close because that’s the only thing I haven’t found what was kind of a universal trip what no one else what I could find has had

September 20, 2017 at 5:13 pm
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