Artists giving you what you need, not what you want

 Nic (@ltwild3)8 years, 8 months ago

I heard this from either Terence McKenna, Alan Moore, or Alan Watts, I cant really remember. The idea was that artists are pioneers of expressions, and ideas needed in that particular culture at that time. Almost like a balance imposed by nature to keep progression of the culture on a certain path. If there is a subconscious need in the society, the artist will dig down and present it, just like a pioneer.

The trick is making the idea taste good, to trick the audience into liking the idea presented. Thats why it is important for an artist to separate themselves from the audience and product to keep the priority of changing the world on top.

You can see the results of this today, when you realize how many artists have changed your life in either a negative or positive way.

Me and my friend from high school really like working on music together. We have been doing so on and off for about five years. Once I got into college life changed dramatically for me, and of course for the better. I lived in one reality my entire life until I moved out on my own. All of a sudden I was confronted with so many new ideas. It was overwhelming, and I ended up in a really dark place. This was by choice however, because I could have easily stuck to my dogmatic beliefs and lived comfortably. I felt the need though to explore though, and went down the rabbit hole. Exploring all sorts of philosophies, religions, drugs, and anything else that could capture my imagination. Once I started to be able to navigate the trenches of my own mentality I came to a realization. I know nothing, and never have.

But I can clearly see where I am, and that I have the power to choose where I want to go. Almost like I showed up on earth and most people were walking down the same path in the same direction. Why wouldn’t they? Its so much easier to follow others. But is it as rewarding? The trail blazer up front has to be reaping all of the benefits.

So nearing the end of my college career I decided to no longer follow the path others have paved, and instead make my own, and see what I could discover. I made that decision thanks to an article on this very website.

How To Transcend Duality And Think Within Paradoxes

Peter Westermann has an awesome website too, check it out…

Anyways, I decided to to walk the Trackless Road, and I have never looked back. One Interesting thing to note though is the wake it leaves. Imagine looking ahead when blazing a path and there is an ocean. Infinitely massive ahead of you, but you plow through it. As you plow, you notice you leave your own creative expression in the wake. Art, ideas, music, and loads of other neat stuff. You become the creator rather than the consumer of culture like McKenna talked about. And you are never hungry. You know you will be fed with something interesting with every step.

To finally get back to what I was going to say however, once I moved back home I learned to blend these ideas with our music. We have a band now called The Trackless Road. Just me and my high school friend. I am trying to expresses what I think I and in turn the world needs through our music, incorporating a mystical and acoustic sound, to entice interest in the undiscovered, and recognize our roots, and lyrics about self discovery as well. We do not have a vocalist yet so most of the lyrics are still on paper.

We only have a few demos recorded as of now, but were close to having an album worth of material. We are looking for band members so we can play live and get in the studio as well. If you like what you hear, and feel it is something you need, please share it. It might help us get a larger platform.

January 13, 2013 at 6:34 pm
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