Attention Lucid Dreamers!

Boy Elroy (@boy8elroy) 7 years, 6 months ago

Alright. I want to start by saying I’ve always been mad interested in dream theories. I’m not here to try create my own. BUT HE is a great community of clever and curious minds so I thought this might be a good place to get some informal information/research gathered into one place. So if you’re a practicing lucid dreamer/have lucid dreams anyways/are trying to become a lucid dreamer then keep reading!

Basically I wanted to gather qualitative research about people’s lucid dreams. When I say “lucid” I mean fully “lucid” as in-can access conscious memories while lucid dreaming. Let’s call whoever is interested in this idea our “team”, basically I want our team to continue to practice lucid dreaming but when lucidity is achieved we should have agreed upon questions or actions to try out in our dreams and the report back with the results. So for example when I have lucid dreams I’ve found just screaming things at the environment doesn’t do much for answers but talking to dream characters can be mad interesting in terms of personal and unconscious revelations. Sometimes I simply will ask a dream character “what can you tell me?”, sometimes I’ll be more forward and ask “what do I fear?”

I understand that dreams are intensely subjective and personal but I’m trying to find common denominators beyond that. Jungian Psychology talks about the archetypes of the mind and Jung himself suggests that it is possible to interact with them, or at least find/experience them in the dream world. I’m fairly certain I’ve come across the “Old man/Old Father” archetype in one of my lucid dreams and it was extremely exhilarating. Unfortunately I can’t lucid dream nearly as often as I’d like to so having a merry team of dreamers would be awesome! So I was hoping we could start discussing this and maybe start off with coming up with some questions, providing guidance for people trying to become lucid more often (even though there is an excellent article already up on HE, just search), and maybe just bounce off ideas on ways that we explore our dreamscapes and unconscious realms while lucid.

p.s. super excited for this :)

July 6, 2014 at 5:10 am
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