Awakening: Truth or Fiction?

 Anonymous (@) 7 years, 9 months ago

There are a very small minority of people, who try tirelessly and very often succeed in manipulating and controlling the vast majority of people. They are known by different names but the names are not so important. They are people like you and I but have become themselves slaves, they are slaves to evil, to Satan himself. They only seek power, money is not the goal, only control. In itself the purpose when seen closely is pointless but evil is very persuasive and offers immediate satisfaction and pleasure.

Of course I imagine to a large amount of you reading this its nothing new. But one aspect that is very clear and not brought to light to often is the new a subtle ways in which this evil tries to to trick people.

One new way in which its subtle agenda corrupts us is through a “global (consciousness) awakening” movement. (Its important to realize here that the movements themselves may not necessarily be the route of the manipulation but can themselves become manipulated to serve a purpose) but also they can be completely manufactured for this purpose. This is a brilliant way to hide their agenda, under Truth. They can hide moral relativism under this also, do we understand the consequences of adopting a belief system that dose not distinguish between right or wrong beyond personal opinion, (and for many it is only a belief). The Holocaust and communist starvation programs will one day only be relatively bad? And of course it is a perfect way for making us more accepting of future atrocities. We are being encouraged to accept instead of resist, this is subtle but is making its mark on a larger scale gradually. And religious pluralism is creating a spiritual diplomacy. Where many faiths, religions and cultural beliefs point in the same direction to God. This is a cleverly hidden trick, that by grouping these beliefs together it creates an illusion of open minded societies where they accept all faiths as ultimately one, and if you disagree your branded ignorant. But its a trick designed to remove faith all together, some may say so what? Removing faith and moral standard are two pillars in the way for these groups of people who want to gain more power over us. Don’t be fooled by this.

Nothing here is happening my chance, you read the books that they want you to read. (literature is free but not all of it, best selling books can become so through subtle suggestive powers and do so to serve a larger purpose. To either numb you or make you think a certain way. Ultimately to control you.

Lager websites, video site and search engines can serve this purpose also, and they do already.

They already control media, food and medical industries. Governments, industry, pretty much all finance. They set trends and want full control over internet content, or availability of content.

Wake up my friends and see these very subtle places where the devil hides. The greatest trick he ever did was convince us he doesn’t exist. Look around and see he dose.

We must resist evil, not accept it. We must not sugar coat this, this is a beautiful world and we are all children of God, examples of true Love. Don’t be tricked into accepting anything less.

January 25, 2014 at 3:00 am
Timo (41) (@timoteo) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

The way I see it acceptance is merely the acknowledgement of reality. Awakening is simply seeing/knowing reality as it is, which includes knowing who we truly are. While I agree theres a lot of information that does not help in this, is it reasonable to assume its all made to manipulate? I cant help but see good intentions even in the misguided population.
Im not saying that evil does not exist, but the way I see it is that evil itself is a misunderstood shadow of consciousness.
Most religions are aimed towards the unity with source/god, so there is a clear similarity with that. This whole awakening business is mainly direct towards that. To see the oneness of us all and dive deeply into the direct experience of “what is”.
I find that when I directly experience oneness I cannot help but be loving and kind to all.

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