Mike (@mikedvs15) 8 years, 3 months ago

any bartenders out there that can give me some important information on how to become good at working a bar

– never bartended before, but am getting a chance at it because the restaurant that I work for got rid of all their delivery drivers and because I was there the longest my bossed asked me if I like to bartend(which is pretty rare) cause a spot opened up.

– I don’t have the job but am learning to see if I can pick it up quick enough to make it my new job.

– My weak spot is not knowing how to pour and the proportions of drinks

any help or advice is appreciated

August 20, 2013 at 1:22 pm
haymofospy (0) (@hayspy) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

just rememeber its actually a shit way to spend your life, so don’t worry
if you get things wrong. the bar is not worth worry.
they are all just scumbags anyway.

i grew up in a pub. now i hate pub people, kind of.

Zykanthos (4,757)M (@chodebalm) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

I bartend 3 nights a week for extra cash and have done so for the last 7 years. Be good at shooting the shit with people. The more you can do that, the higher your tips will be.

I don’t know what your restaurant’s ounce pours are, but don’t be afraid to pour a little more than you’re supposed to. If people order a mixed drink such as jack & diet, be generous with the jack. They will appreciate it. No one likes a weak drink.

Bartending is not hard. The only “hard” part (for lack of a better word, because it’s really not hard) is learning drink names and ingredients in certain drinks, but that will come with time, and you will learn them quickly.

A few drinks right off the bat for you to know:

– Jack & diet (or coke)
– 7 and 7 (Seagram’s 7 and 7-up or sprite)
– Captain & diet (or coke)
– Whiskey or brandy Manhatten (throw a cherry in that bitch)
– Gin & tonic (put a lime on that bitch)
– Long Island Iced Tea (a mix of gin, rum, vodka, triple sec, and most variations include tequila, sweet & sour, and a splash of coke)
– Rusty nail (scotch & drambuie)

Also, if someone orders a drink “neat”, it means they want it poured directly from the bottle into the glass with no ice. Usually they’ll do this with scotch or whiskey.

If someone orders a “press”, such as vodka press, it means they want vodka with soda water & 7 up.

I dunno, I’m just naming shit off the top of my head that might be beneficial for you to know. There’s a lot of stuff you’ll learn, too much to name here. But you’ll get it all in good time. It won’t take very long. Good luck sir.

Starry Eyed BLiND. (670) (@cristinelizabeth) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

@chodebalm, make me a drinkkk ha

Lori (8) (@loriloulou) 8 years, 3 months ago ago

I’ve worked in my families pub for nearly 17 years. The best advice i could give you is to treat people with kindness, first and foremost. Bartending is a tough job, and it is easy to become jaded when dealing with “pub people” day in and day out. The more respect you give out the more respect you’ll get back. Treat your regulars like friends. Remember what they drink and learn how to make it “their way”. Listen (when you can) to what they tell you about their personal lives. The more details you remember (kids name, where they work…) the more personal you can make their next visit. This will reflect positively on your tips and on your personal gratification level. I wish you well in your new adventure.

In my experience, if someone orders a drink pressed (rye and coke pressed or anything pressed) it means they want it watered down (half mix half water).

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