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Jaimie (@jaymeh) 9 years, 9 months ago

This is a place to talk about your self and to get things off of your chest. It’s always nice to have someone to listen and to ask for help so that is what this is for. Go ahead and talk about whatever you need help with and we will all pitch in :)
Coming to terms with your issues and set yourself free!

August 27, 2012 at 8:11 pm
Jaimie (11) (@jaymeh) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

You know what? I would try to help more but @paradigmshift30 pretty much just did. I think they answered it better than I could have! Thank you! Always remember that no matter what people are always there for you :) and maybe your life feeling or being a loop has a very special purpose, you just have to find out what it is.

Jaimie (11) (@jaymeh) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

Hey @bibiana,
Okay so is it weird that I can relate to you…. like big time?
I’m a person that enjoys change, and I’m guessing you do too right?
But I also understand your comfort zone with a few people thing. So I’m not going to try and sound self centered but I think my experience can help… at least I hope it does.
So about a year ago my life was pretty great! I had my friends and my family and I was truly happy, even when I look back a year ago I can’t say that I wasn’t.
But a lot of shit can happen in a year, and it did. My friends started to fall really hard into weed. And I know weed isn’t the worst thing you can do but now it’s a problem. They can’t have a good time without being high. They can’t hang out with people without being high. It’s really sad, and it hurts me because these were the people I was close too and now I feel like weed has taken them away from me. Now I know this doesn’t really relate right now but I’m getting to my point haha… So anyways in the past year a lot has happened with my family where it has put me in a state where I don’t want this life. I want change, I need change… I’m bored.
But my friends are holding me back. Like your situation they are the only people I truly feel comfortable around but it sucks because they don’t care about our friendship, they only care about weed.
I know people say go ahead and make new friends but it really isn’t that simple for me. With all of the shit my family put me through in the last year it’s hard to explain to people and I feel like if I tell them it will scare them off or they won’t be able to relate and think ” I don’t need a friend dealing with this shit…” but then again if they think that they are not worthy of being my friend…..
I guess the whole point of that story is that I’m really unhappy and just like you I want to be happy again.
I know people say you can’t run from your problems, but I want to start new, and I don’t think starting over is running away from my problems. I think it’s me trying to move one from them and living a life that I want so I can feel happy again.
Now this is all easier said then done, but one day I am going to be happy and that gives me hope.
So you know what let the universe know that you want to be happy, that you want to be amused with life. The universe will have it’s way of giving you just that, the only thing you need to do is to believe in it. :)
I hope I helped a little bit…. I feel like I really didn’t :/

Jaimie (11) (@jaymeh) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

Hey I just wanted to thank you for helping people out and lending your thoughts :)
Keep on doing it! You are great at it!

SBas (37) (@sabas4) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

@jaymeh, Thanks for the shout out and kind words! It was a great idea to start this thread. I’ve read the above posts and your thoughts resonate wonderfully. I like it! :)

SBas (37) (@sabas4) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

@dwun81, Hi! Wow I think I know that feeling. First of all, props for heading to LA and just going for it! I love that attitude!

My thing is music; singing professionally is my dream! And guess what? I’ve never bothered telling some of my friends! Funnily enough, I also come from a boring ass town in Melbourne Australia and let’s just say, nothing good ever comes out of this neck of the woods lol I have wonderful friends that are crazy fun etc etc BUT they just don’t get it. We have disagreed on so many things in the past that I dare not tell them my little clichéd dream to be a singer. Hell no! I’ve been quite academic all my life so I’ve hid behind that for so long. However, few of my close friends know and they have been semi-supportive. They know how singing lessons have overtly made me a much happier person, but I guess the happiness of a friend is not necessarily the best thing for them. Of course they know what’s best for me! (Sarcasm). Some have made judgments without even hearing me sing. What if I was the next Aretha Franklin for god’s sake (I’m definitely not), we should be keen on finding peoples true talents and helping them shine. We should all want each other to exercise our passions as our day job. RIGHT? Instead people are so cynical and just following the 9-5 cycle of life (to their own detriment) and maintain the status quo. They don’t see that they are stuck in the rat race that they have been conditioned to endure.

I’m sorry if I went off track! Haha Is that why you disagreed with your room-mates? Because they have no life experience and live life in a black and white way? lol Are you more energised and positive about your dreams?

Kevin (188) (@bigred) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

I could have had it all. I was so close. Idk what happened. I had a lucrative international business, people who actually wanted my company, a beautiful girl on both inside and out, and a family that actually loved me.

I got greedy though, tried to expand the business earlier than i should have. I wanted to come back to my homecounty to show off the success everyone said i would never achieve, as well as share the wealth with the people who were always there for me.
Somewhere along the lines however, i got caught up in the fast life.
Business was booming back in the UK, and i took forgranted the effortless inflow of cash, and generous exchange rates between the UK and US.

Somewhere i lost sight of my goal.. i was supposed to open up another facility here in florida for my friends to run, then return back to the UK. The fast life had its grip on me fairly quick however. Drinks on me whenever, parties, strip clubs, unnessasary purchases, i became immersed in consumerism to say the least.

My lifestyle effected me so much that i actually missed my return flight back to the uk. With the amount of spending i did here in florida, and the lack of time i put into the still runing business in the UK, it wasnt long before everything fell apart. So much for expansion :/. This was 2 years ago.. ive been stranded in this hell hole struggeling to start a business, or find an alternative plan ever since.
At 18 i was planning retirement.. im now freshly 20, and going to barber school.. wtf.

Ive resolved all of my internal issues now, and have no resentments about how things turned out, but still i often find myself questioning the “what ifs”, and where exactly i started down the path i ended up on.
If it wasnt for an amazing ayahuasca experience just recently, i would have given up by now.
Dunno why im posting all of this, but its just been eating at me the past few years. So thanks for listining.

Jaimie (11) (@jaymeh) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

You know what, I’m glad you posted this.
I’m glad you got to get it off of your chest.
I’m glad you shared it, because someone might read it and change them.
Sometimes life and the universe has its weird ways, but they all have a purpose. Just remember to keep your head high and that there is always a rainbow at the end of a storm :)
I think it’s really cool you’re from the UK. I’m from the US and my dream is to go over there, and maybe even live there. Hopefully that’s what life plans for me to do too!

OpenEyesOpenMind (23) (@dwun81) 9 years, 9 months ago ago

@sabas4, Abso-freakin-lutely my man, and i’m so glad you see eye to eye with me on this! My dreams are the guiding force for my life, they decide what I’m doing next and where I’m headed. My friends all take the safe route, a.k.a. (“the route that makes sense”), and work whatever job they’re offered that pays them the salary they desire. For me, a simple salary is not enough, and will never be enough. Unless I am doing what I love to do for a living, I will simply not be satisfied, whereas they will do whatever it takes to get payed a salary they want to be paid. My motivation is simply not affected by money in the way it is for my best of friends and it causes a huge conflict. I have a hard time trying to see eye to eye with them on their life situations because of their heavy drive towards monetary compensation.

SBas (37) (@sabas4) 9 years, 8 months ago ago

@dwun81, Yup, we’re definitely on the same page here! I see how the pursuit for more money has changed my friends and it is absolutely disgusting. Sadly, I feel like they have lost touch with themselves completely and wouldn’t even know what dreams they have buried deep within them. I guess I try really hard to avoid serious conversations with some of my friends who just annoy me when they talk shit about money, life and relationships (hahaha I know its harsh but I need to vent!). It would have been really tough for you because they were your room-mates and you had to deal with them every day.

I think people passionate about the Arts (acting, singing, dancing, art, design etc) are much less motivated by money and are instead motivated by the need to express themselves no matter what the cost. To be 100% themselves and to let the talent ooze out of them; thereby working ‘inside-out’. Whatever comes after that-it is what it is! Whether it’s fame and fortune or just enough money to pay the bills. It does not matter. Those are the people you want to be associated with. You’ll find plenty of those kind of people as you build your career. If I lived in the US, I’d be up for a coffee with ya :) For now, stand your ground when your around those friends. Just appreciate the company you have with them, but don’t take their views on life too seriously. At least thats what kind of worked for me. Funnily enough the more supportive friends are the ones I’ve recently met at gigs and singing class.

Bibi (1) (@bibiana) 9 years, 8 months ago ago

@jaymeh, Hahaha trust me it did, is nice to know I’m not the only one feeling bored or just sad with life haha, but well I hope universe will listen to us and as you said, it’s a “believing issue”. Yes I really enjoy change but the thing is I really don’t know how! And where to find the new people I need.
Well I see some similarities between your story and mine, but weed isn’t the problem with my friends, (I hope your friends realize you are the important one ;), if not, they surely will) they are now too superficial and it feels bad for real, I share your “I want change I need change” mood, I’ve been through family shit too and I think that’s what makes more difficult for us to meet new people. So let’s start moving on and leaving that shit behind, we’ll find that happiness again :)
Thanks for sharing your story with me :) it helped me a lot and I wish you the best!

Jaimie (11) (@jaymeh) 9 years, 8 months ago ago

Thank you :) I’m really glad I helped!

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