Beautiful Uncertainty

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My thoughts from a discussion with a friend of mine.
Id love to hear yours!

One of my dearest friends is agnostic.
Recently I asked him if he thought his agnosticism makes him more creative or more apathetic, to which he replied in his usual way…
Both. That he wants to know the nature of reality, which makes him always interested in discovery… but that he didn’t think anything could ever be certain, so he doesn’t put as much effort into it as he could.

This is my reply to the uncertainty of reality:

Lack of certainty is one of the best things about existence.
Everything and every one is swelling with quantum possibility… or probability.
We know from physics that matter behaves differently depending on whether or not it is observed. Our consciousness, our perceptions are what makes the difference… We are both awake inside the dream world of brahma and we are the delusion of ourselves fizzing inside a vacuum where before there was nothing and after there will be nothing. They are two sides of the same coin.
Only the present moment has any merit… the past and the future have ceased to or do not yet exist. This Now is where we live. The possible permutations of this universe are utterly ineffable & nothing that Is has any certainty.
We like to think of matter as Solid, as the pinnacle of measurable reality; but your computer, your chair, your body are made up of a fuzzy cloud of electrons popping in and out of existence. They are more empty space than they are solid.
Its our thought that unfolds “reality” around itself- spreading out atoms like new flesh. We exist and we don’t and the uncertainty is the cloth of creation.
The only thing that Is Certain is Death- Stagnation. The Void is the only place where certainty exists, and so consciousness is in itself an act of faith.

My friends doubt is beautiful to me.
To doubt is to be god who has forgotten that he is god. Made of the same base elements as all things- the stuff of stars- indistinguishable in even the most minute detail from all other things in existence, functionally the same, because what is true at the smallest level must be true at the largest. You and I are indistinguishable, and yet imagine we are separate.
Were not only not separate, Were One. Yet we doubt! Question reality, and dream a world of separateness. Creating and destroying in a single thought- manifest in glorious imperfection, becoming attached to our flesh and then calling down our own karma; an inconceivable undulation of the universe trying to know itself!
Only here. Only Now. How ephemeral! How poignant!
How beautiful is doubt, how beautiful is uncertainty.

My friend says to me:
Lack of certainty is terrifying. Certainty is boring.
Which is worse?

Of a surety i would rather be terrified than bored. To live is to endure the terror of transience. Nothing you love and nothing you hate can last, we cling to life and dread its impermanence.
Its a dance were doing
and the dance is an unwinding of awareness, a cycle of birth and death and ultimately education.
& once you understand you can begin to live in the eternal present in thankfulness- In light of deeper understanding of and compassion for yourself and for others. Because were the same.
This is how we come to know God.
through love.

And only by individuating ourselves from the whole into disparate sufferers can we love one another.
From suffering comes empathy, from empathy comes love
God can only exist surrounded by a sea of uncertainty, and only when there is certainty does god cease.


peace and love to everybody

November 22, 2013 at 11:14 pm
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that should have been “curious” rather than creative at the beginning…

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