Becoming a More Responsible Adult

 Chris Sotomayor (@crisprods)6 years, 7 months ago

Hello Hethens,
Let me introduce myself, my name is Christian Sotomayor. I’m 20 years old, and a sophomore studying to obtain a Bachelors degree in Architecture at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Lately I have been having trouble wit procrastination, managing time and money. I will put my situation into context for you guys.

I moved to the United States about 6 years ago. I did not know a bit of English. After a year of being socially isolated for not knowing English I quickly pick it up to the point that people cannot even notice my accent anymore. That whole year showed me that to obtain things in life one has to be very consistent and responsible. Thanks to that realization I was able to graduate from high school with a 3.4 GPA and in the 77th spot out of 500 students in my graduating class. I also played 3 sports and was an outstanding athlete, at least within my county.

After all of that, I became a student at Rutgers. IN the beginning I was very confused as to what I wanted to study. I picked up classes about Astronomy, Psychology, Politics. A very diverse range of subjects. However I struggled to do well in classes that I was not very interested in, like writing 101 (failed 4 times) and a basic algebra class (failed once) I then decided to pursue Architecture. It is a field that I find fascinating. I am very happy with my decision.

However, I have had trouble to manage my time between my Architecture studios and my general requirement classes. If I isolate architecture classes my gap should be around a 3.1 but if i include all my classes it drops to a 1.9.

I cannot find the motivation to grind and do good in my other classes. I have attributed this to many things, not being interested, being depressed from missing my family, lack of preparation, anxiety, or being distracted by the “college experience” (Dorming, partying, drugs, etc) But then I realize that I am only trying to rationalize my lack of responsibility.

I know that I am intelligent enough to do great things as I have taught myself two languages and whenever i focus on a project people at very impressed with my reasoning. But why is it that when it isn’t something I want to do but should do I cannot find any interest? I am well aware of my flaws but I am too comfortable and accepting of myself in order to correct them. I need help to change that.

February 12, 2015 at 3:55 pm
dog with a moustache (14) (@dogwithamoustache) 6 years, 7 months ago ago

I went to RU, take a psych class with a guy named Leyton if he’s still there

Vagabond32 (0) (@Noco) 6 years, 7 months ago ago

I had exactly the same problem. It’s unbelievably frustrating!

I know I found it hard trying to, somehow, trick my myself into believing I enjoyed my other subjects (or at least that they were worth putting in the effort). But when I thought about it rationally, I knew they were a waste of my time and precious creativity – time I could be using productively and doing the thing I love.

But maybe you could find something in those other subjects that really interest you and link them to architecture? Maybe not think of it as wasted efforts? How can you use what you learn in your other subjects, put it into your passion and give you that edge in your creativity or whatever! There has to be something!

Are you tired of your daily routine? Is there anything your can think of to spice up your everyday life? Sometimes a little bit of change can give you that little bit of extra motivation.

I hope that helped? In some way at least? And I hope you find what you need to get you through your studies – good luck!

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