being aware of the illusion.

dustoeden (@Ayse-Asli-Bozdag) 2 years, 7 months ago

okay. ı didnt choose the word illusion because its cool but it just serves the purpose. 
go back to everything you discovered. stop at jean Baudrillard. ı am not looking for a right and wrong answer. ı am asking about whathappens afterward. considering the life as in the Plato’s cave… how one stays in that cave knowing that it is. ( ı am not talking about mentally. you can be out of the cave. but at the end you are living here.) starting with 2016 everything seems much more hypernormal. how do you guys deal with this. dont get me wrong ı am not talking about having depression or like ” oh the world is shit!” ı am talking about this on a philosophical level. thank you in advance   

March 5, 2020 at 8:41 am
Bluefin (6) (@Blooofin) 1 year, 9 months ago ago

Existential, right.  A finite being living in an infinite realm.  A speck of dust on a massive web, a web so big perceiving it is impossible.  Try not to think of reality as an illusion or even as reality.  It is merely the interpretation of a reality that has been given to us by our biological journey. A journey that has given us the ability to perceive things in a certain way that create the construct of reality.  We share this space with other animals who have differing ways of perceiving this shared space, for them this reality is different.  Shared yet different, how can that be.  Because we bring our own tool chest to the table, we color our perception with the crayons we have, we have developed and which we have to use.  The illusion has value, it creates the arena in which we can function, the sad part is we forgot that we created it and we really forgot that we have the abi;it’s to alter it, as we see fit.  As Mr. Watts says, ‘one day you will,wake up and find out that you are god…’

To realize that it is all man made is to realize that we could have done better.  Then you realize that we can and are just choosing not to!  Money creates poverty, law creates crime, power creates helplessness and desire creates despair, jealousy and hyper competitive destruction.  Time to find, and create your own reality!

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