Being myself in terms of physical aspects (well, kinda…)

 Matt (@mockingmatt) 7 years, 8 months ago

So here’s a a few of the things that I do everyday to maintain myself (because I believe that being

yourself is hard work.)

In the morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is take a light snack and go for a walk and have a

little exercise (most likely 20 minutes).
Afterwards, I’d take a shower and fix my hair. and then put a little make-up.
Yes I’m a guy and I put on make-up.
I’ll tell you about it soon on this post so read on in case you wanna see details.

About my hair, well… Fixing my fair kinda takes time.
This is because my hair is dyed dark brown.
I have naturally dark brown hair but then I had to bleach it blonde then put back on the brown

color by dyeing it.
I did this because last summer of 2008, my family and I have been going to the beach a lot that my

hair thinned and lightened and had some natural sun kissed highlights. I loved these highlights

especially during the afternoons when my hair seems to be almost transparent but still very dark.
Months passed and my hair grew out and my highlights were gone. So to bring them back, I had a

habit of spending summer at the beach until year 2011.

My friends loved my hair. It was like spider’s web and I became obsessed with it.
And there came a time that I went on youtube to learn about DIY highlighting.
I accidentally highlighted almost all of my hair. So whatever, since I made a mistake, I just bleached it

all out.
And since my hair was very thin, despite the fact that it was dark brown, I got it to platinum, which I

really hated.
I looked like a geek with it. Two weeks after that, I got help from my friend and dyed my hair dark

The results were amazing, this time my hair was shinier but extremely dark and it was transparent

when hit by the sun. It was just like my summer hair.
So then, since that fall of 2011, I started doing that process whenever my hair loses it’s spider

webbiness… (or whatever I should call it.)

So whenever I fix my hair, it starts in the shower.
Since my hair id bleached blonde then dyed dark, I use purple shampoo and purple conditioner

because if I don’t, my hair turns auburn.
There are times when I wake up in the morning and my hair seems to lighten so i mix some dark

brown hair dye and retouch before I shampoo.
Then I’d blow dry and apply styling wax on my hair.
I have naturally straight hair and I massage it to make surfer waves.
The hair process takes about 45 minutes (one and a half hour to two hours if I had to retouch or

darken my hair but this is just usually done once a week).

Now for the makeup thing, It’s not that much. I just hate the fact that I have these freckles and acne

marks on my cheeks, nose and forehead. I try to cover them up a little.
When I do my makeup, I first moisturize and I apply a UV cream as makeup base, then I put a little

amount of concealer.
I also trim my eyebrows coz they’re extremely bushy and the meet in the middle and very messy on

the top so I shave that part. Who want’s a uni-brow? Nobody.
I brush-up my eyebrows and apply a little styling wax on them to form a decent shape. Goodbye

brown bushes.
I even sometimes put this reddish brown matte eye shadow underneath my eyes whenever I want a

shady look.
This is because when I was young, I used to have dark brown eyes. And as I reached puberty, I

noticed that my pupils started to have these grayish ring outside and the brown got paler and

became hazel.
I miss my dark brown eyes and putting the eye shadow seems to help darken my pupils
And yeah I apply lip balm.
I never apply any powder form makeup because I like my face to look a bit shiny and more natural.
All that takes also around 45 minutes.

And yeah breakfast and brushing and flossing my teeth and packing my things and getting dressed

takes like fifteen minutes.

And yeah that’s it!
I do these things and people who encounter me always say that I look very natural.
Damn, if only they know that I spend more than two hours in the morning just to prepare myself

My girlfriend hates all these things I do. She says it’s so gay.
But hey! I’m the person she fell in love with and I think that if I haven’t been taking care of myself the

moment we met then I guess I wouldn’t have with me that extra dose of charisma that would have

probably got more of her attention.
Not to mention a lot of my close friends who are guys have been doing “weird” stuff ever since they

knew about what I have been doing to maintain myself.

There are times that I feel guilty, that I shouldn’t be doing the hair and makeup thing.
But I have no regrets. This may seem like a statement of denial but yeah okay…
I just want to feel good and look good and I believe that there’s nothing wrong with it because I’m

not trying to be a different person. I’m just being a better me.

Sorry this took so long.
To conclude, I’d like to say that I am keeping these habits.
And in my opinion I believe this is being myself.
And I want to ask you out there. How do you be yourself? To what extent do you try to be a better


February 12, 2014 at 4:50 am
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