Benefits of OBE's & meditation

 Sam (@Samwise) 7 years, 3 months ago

The following is a friend’s description of how OBE’s/conscious projections and meditation have enhanced his life, and with his permission I have shared it here in the hope others will find it as fascinating and inspiring as I did. While he had experience of OBE;s as a child, he was always skeptical of their validity, and bear in mind these changes have come about through just a single year of conscious projecting and meditation.

It’s been just over a year since I started consciously projecting (AP / OBE) and exploring the non-physical and/or extra physical facets of life.

What a year it’s been, I have learned so much about this world, people and myself – things that I previously would not have imagined possible.

I was always trying to prove to myself that these ‘supernatural’ phenomena were not just figments of an overactive imagination, that they were as real as the computer I’m using to type this. I’m very honoured to have tried, tested, explored, revealed and uncovered many amazingly almost unbelievable possibilities that went far beyond my expectations.

The things I have done are very few, I feel like I’ve taken a few baby steps into an infinite forest of possibilities just waiting for us all to embrace and rediscover. I’m also deeply thankful to all members of the Conscious Explorers group, The Astral Projectors group, the IAC, close friends, family, fellow believers and the divine power that created this immense universe for us to all frolic in while dreaming and awake. Seriously without all of you, I wouldn’t have realised who I am. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you, even those I haven’t spoken to or met, because I feel your energy, we are all connected more intricately than words can ever explain. Here is a rough list of some of the interesting things I’ve had the privilege to do:

Astral Projection / OBE Experiences:
– Projected to remote locations & confirmed the presence of relatives at a particular house
– Projected into the dream of a colleague, had him call me from the USA
– Projected into a friends dream and had her reveal who she was seeing, confirmed this in real life
– Projected and communicated with the deceased several times, gained deep insights
– Projected and removed negative entity from my mother’s house -projected without first sleeping (WBTB)
– Projected while fully awake without prior relaxation/meditation prep
– Ability to absorb energy from nature while projected
– Witnessed a friend fall asleep and unknowingly project -Greater awareness when falling asleep, waking up, being awake
– Now able to instantly identify different classes of spirits (dead, living, entities etc.)

– Gained knowledge communing with higher consciousness
– Increased general concentration
– Increased insight & deeper understanding
– Better sleep, better moods, greater vitality
– Mastered breathing technics for increased strength, alertness\energy
– Mastered rhythmic breathing, helps with projection/meditation and energy work
– Activated third eye, crown and heart chakras to higher levels

– Connected with my daughter (same vicinity – asked her to wake up, she immediately did and said “Yes daddy”)
– Connected with a friend (same vicinity) (played guessing game)
– Connected with a friend at a remote location (made awake up)
– Connected with a very close friend at a remote location (conversed)
– Connected and summoned a squirrel to climb up to my chest in the park
– Connected and controlled a cat
– Communication with deceased friends while fully awake -Communication with Higher-self, Higher-Consciousness

– Moved solids through water (twice) -closed doors (a few times)

Remote viewing:
– viewed my mother’s living room a few times -viewed a close friends flat 3 times -viewed unknown locations several times -viewed myself in birds eye

Energy & Healing:
– Developed Greater awareness of subtle energies within and without
– Improved energy movement in and around body
– Able to see & touch the subtle auras in people and objects
– Healed a friends bad knees
– Healed my aunts bad feet
– Healed my own bad ankle
– Able to sense non-physical entities energy

Spirituality / miscellaneous:
– removed negative entity from a friends house
– able to connect, channel and transfer energy to others
– able to absorb energy from others and nature
– Regained lost childhood memories related to supernatural
– Regained partial memories of Higher self/previous lives
– recognised past life acquaintances in current life
– Understanding of my past, and current life purpose
– Future Foresight / premonitions
– precognitive dreams that have come true several times
– Partial Kundalini awakening
– Ability to enter into heightened states of awareness while physically present
– Ability to rouse partial psychedelic effects over the body while physically present
– Greater control over physicalities, i.e. heartbeat, temperature & forced adrenaline release
– Instant activation of aforementioned Chakras with a single thought
– Greater use of VELO [Voluntary Energy Longitudinal Oscillation – IAC technique] for enhanced physical energy
– Deeper understanding of life, death and rebirth cycles
– Deeper understanding of various realms of consciousness -Deeper understanding of my past and of self
– Deeper understanding of Love and emotions
– Deeper understanding of people, due to being able to connect to them on a deeper level
– Less ego, less self-centred and greater respect for others, their beliefs and choices

To honour you all – I’m going to keep walking further into the unknown with an open mind, an open fearless, loving heart and continue to explore, dream, discover, share.

July 17, 2014 at 11:12 am
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