Best ways to start your day

Joe (@justsomeguy) 9 years, 7 months ago

What do you find are effective ways to get you going in the morning? I usually try to exercise early, take cold showers, not have too much for breakfast, and set a goal for the day. How do you start your day?

June 21, 2012 at 9:15 am
Meghan (218) (@meghan) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@justsomeguy, I love this! I set my alarm ten minutes before I plan on getting up. During those ten minutes I open my blinds, lay in bed cuddling with a pillow, listen to a couple of good songs, and think about how great my day is about to be. Then I take a shower and majority of the time I’m going to work. But if it’s still early, I go to McDonald’s and get a sausage mcmuffin and dip it in syrup.

Jared Edwards (128) (@jaredwards) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

Cold shower, small breakfast then deep thought.

Petergd (149) (@petergd) 9 years, 7 months ago ago


Dan (890) (@danfontaine) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

Lay in bed for 30 min thinking about my dreams, the upcoming day and other random stuff, go piss real real hard, chug water, have a cigarette, make breakfast, have a cigarette. Begin asking myself how to make this day positive and healthy. Look in the mirror for ten minutes. Cold shower. Cigarette. Dislike cigarettes for the rest of the day but continue smoking them.

R.V. Star (151) (@rickvonstar) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I slept like garbage last night for some reason and this morning I drank a beer and then made sure to eat a healthy breakfast and then I took a warm shower and drank 5 cups of green tea and felt great

R.V. Star (151) (@rickvonstar) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

But my usual morning routine consists of staggering around the kitchen until I’ve brewed and drank enough green tea to feel normal.

James (100) (@ilooklikeawaterbottle) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@justsomeguy, Great thread! Starting the morning off right can make the day great. And if you start every day right, every day is great, then your whole life can be great! For the most part. Mornings are key.

@meghan, I love that you visualize how your day is going to be. That is a great idea, something I will certainly try to do. Haha but try to stay away from Mcdonalds, and now I want to dip something from Mcdonalds in syrup! sounds really good

I love to drink coffee, but i try my best not to start my day with it. I don’t like having to rely on a substance to get me going in the morning, and trust me, I have done it plenty. I now wait to drink coffee around lunchtime. Try drinking coffee only once or twice a week, sometimes I will do this, you will then remember why you started drinking it!

My favorite thing to eat in the morning is equal parts applesauce and oatmeal, raw. This is probably the cheapest, and most nutritional snack you can eat on this planet, and it taste good. Make sure to eat applesauce that is unsweetened, add honey or molasses if you want a little more sweetness.

Some form of physical exercise is great for your mind and body in the morning. Exercise is a great alternative to coffee if you need something to really get you going in the morning. Sex works too! I stop by the gym and lift some weights on my way to work in the morning. And I ride my bike to work, about 4 miles each way.

I really plan on starting some form of mediation/yoga/stretching in the morning. Its something I have been thinking a lot about in the past few weeks and this conversation might be what gets it started. I will keep yall posted.

Richard Halley (1) (@richard5halley) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

1. set alarm for 40 minutes before I need to be up.
2. pee and go back to bed.
3. dream like crazy for those 40 minutes (lucidly on rare occasions)
4. read a chapter of the bible
5. take a run
6. do a few pushups and situps
7. meditate (still working on this one) – I want to work on visualization like @meghan
8. breakfast

Joris (3) (@joris) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

probably gonna make it a habit as well, to set my alarm a little earlier then I need to get up. Crazy dreams!! Maybe try to become lucid..
Usually, I wake up pretty early, make an omelet, watch tv (cooking show, addicting as hell!!) Then leave for work.

Winter (2) (@winter1012) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I’m just laughing at you guys who are all, “I visualize great things!” not because it’s a bad thing. That’s actually super awesome. It’s just really happy-sounding, and for some reason when I wake up in the morning I hate hate hate anything happy or cheery. If someone wakes me up with a smile and a “Good morning!” my immediate thought is that I must murder them. I need an almost zen-like silence when I first wake up.

But sometimes I sleep walk myself ready for the day. I woke up once in the shower, another time halfway through breakfast. Both times were weird and alarming. Really the only thing that just ‘starts’ my day short of just zombie-walking until 2 PM is eating. My mom learned early on that to wake me up, just get me to sit up and put food in my mouth and eventually I start moving with a minimal attitude. Beyond that I am so nocturnal, that mornings are almost always just a little bit unpleasant for me. I lol at the idea of exercise first thing. Not until the sun sets for me.

James (100) (@ilooklikeawaterbottle) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@joris, what is your favorite cooking show?

Hove you ever seen “Good Eats”?

Alicia Lee (146) (@aliwine) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I set my alarm for ten min before I get up
Go to the washroom
Drink some water
Wake up my son if he isn’t already
Brush my teeth
Get out his clothes and get dressed my self
Wash my face
Put on make-up
Check my e-mail
Then I take him to the sitters if I have time, or my boyfriend does
Then I go to work

FindYourGreatness (345)C (@jpete011) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I like to switch it up from day to day, but recently I’ve been setting an alarm an hour before wake up time:
1. grab a quick snack (fuel for workout) then go back to bed for an hour
2. After an hour, wake up and chug two glasses of water with multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin d supplements
3. Stretch for five mins
4. go workout in the gym for 30-45 mins (specific workout varies from day to day). Other days I’ll do 5 Tibeten Rights
5. Chug a protein shake and/or some free range chicken (cooked night before). Sometimes I make this new Kale shake that is delicious
6. Take a cold shower
7. Brush teeth
8. Smile at myself in the mirror for 30 secs (helps for feel good energy!!) -been slacking on this lately
9. Meditate if I have time (slacking on this too)
10. Listen to Joe Rogan podcast on the way to work

FindYourGreatness (345)C (@jpete011) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

Another thread on this:

Morning routine

FindYourGreatness (345)C (@jpete011) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@meghan, Sausage McMuffin at McDonalds?! This is highexistence young lady, I don’t want to see anything advocating crappy fast food on here!

Meghan (218) (@meghan) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@jpete011, I can’t help myself! I’ve got a problem, okay?! :(

FindYourGreatness (345)C (@jpete011) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@meghan, Oh boy, whose fault is that???

Priscilla (21) (@pdprather) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@jpete011, I like your last one! I listen to him too. It really gets you thinking about non everday things.

If it’s a non work day I mix it up a little bit. Sometimes I make about 4 cups of coffee and call my mom, or I might drink tea instead. I often put netflix on too later on. I should start a meditation routine in the morning like alot of you guys do/want to do. There’s several meditation apps for the iphone that have guided meditation. I think these help if I feel that my mind is way too monkey-minded to meditate. I need to do better about eating breakfast too.

Meghan (218) (@meghan) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@jpete011, Haha, it’s McDonald’s fault! For tempting me with a deliciously unhealthy cheap breakfast every morning! :D

FindYourGreatness (345)C (@jpete011) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@pdprather, Definitely try out meditation at least once for at least 5 minutes straight. Then try a minute more the next time and continue that.

@meghan, You’re letting your taste buds control you. Disappointing :-/

Th-0m (43) (@0negative) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I wake up, turn some music on, stretch, exercise if I feel like it, meditate, make some sunny side up eggs, masturbate, take a 15 minute nap, and then start the day.

Anonymous (7) (@) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I wake up and thank God first thing in the morning. Doing some workouts with good music on and then having a shower makes me feel fresh and satisfied!! Then I have a healthy breakfast and do whatever; homework, facebook, watch TV…

trevormsu (59) (@trevormsu) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

I wish I could get up early enough to exercise before work! I used to meditate in the morning too… fell out of the habitat. My routine tends to change every semester, but currently:

1 Immediately start coffee
2 splash cold water in my face, clean up a little etc
3. make some oatmeal
4. get dressed
5. eat oatmeal and read online news/check my email

Pretty quickly though… I have about 30 minutes.

Meghan (218) (@meghan) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

@jpete011, You know what, you’re right. I thought about it today, as I was sitting in the McDonald’s drive-thru for the 20th time this week. (I’m exaggerating). But seriously, I eat it everyday. And I think, you sir, may have inspired me to quit McDonald’s.

Gabriel (2) (@gabrielong1992) 9 years, 7 months ago ago

1. Huge glass of water.
2. Breathing
3. Yoga
4. Glass of water
5. Cereal

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