Biblical Prophecy ?

Man of the Future (@Man-of-the-Future) 8 years, 10 months ago

So today I had a debate with the youth Pastor of my (old) church on face book. We all know religious arguments go. Im right your wrong and vice versa. but he made and interesting point about Biblical Prophecy and why things that are prophesied inn the bible are coming to pass today. But I have no idea what he is talking about. So its you its you its you im talking to…

Is he right?
If so what has come to pass?
and where can i find some good info on this ?
also could this be affecting me cause i was raised christian and i chose to dissipate my self from religion could it possibly be psychologically etched to my mind?

July 8, 2013 at 7:01 pm
Plidan (17) (@Plidan) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

I have written many prophecies that came true, as have many others. There are so many Gospels and many more prophets than you read in just the Bible. Chances are your pastor doesn’t know about that though.

Katie (32) (@lennui) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

i feel like if you have to fight to separate yourself from a particular way of thinking/feeling/living that it could indicate that it is real and a part of your inherent being.

yugen (29) (@jreynolds789) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@Man-of-the-Future, things in the Bible are not coming too pass today. Those old prophecies were man made speculation, and there was absolutely no divine information guiding their claims. Not to mention the countless number, literally dozens, of prophecies in the Bible that did not come true.

1 Nile will dry up Destruction
2 Destruction of Egypt
3 Destruction of Tyre
4 Triumph of Judah
5 Isaiah predicts the Nile drying up, Sea draining
6 Egyptians will speak the dead language of Canaan
7 Failure to smite Jebus
8 Israelites will be unbeatable
9 Land promises
10 Israel will live in peace with its neighbors
11 Davidic line will endure forever
[rationalwiki/failed biblical prophecies]

“I will dry up the streams of the Nile and sell the land to evil men; by the hand of foreigners I will lay waste the land and everything in it. I the LORD have spoken.” (NIV) – There is absolutely no recorded history or evidence that this ever happened, much less by a divine hand.

The most important thing to remember in religious discussions/debates is that there are no winners. To answer your questions, no he is not right, and nothing is coming or has come to pass that correlates with the Bible predicting it would do so. I mean bad shit happens naturally and economically, worldwide, everyday. Just like it has for the span of mankind. He is probably referring to the book of revelations, which is indefinitely a dreamy piece of fictional literature. That is all my friend.

Man of the Future (108) (@Man-of-the-Future) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@jreynolds789, You sir have cleared up my confusion thank you had my mind in a bit of a funk but I did think to myself over time history repeats it self, that’s just life it is a cycle a process it just IS

Johnny C (0) (@johnnychang00) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@Man-of-the-Future, I think the thing about prophecies that are not specific enough is that people could always just argue that it hasn’t happened yet but it is coming, and since no one can absolutely predict the future, you can never really argue against that. I believe @jreynolds789 is making a pretty bold statement, almost like a prophecy, suggesting that none of these are coming, but I mean he might be right and we probably wouldn’t know in our lifetime. I went and read up the failed prophecies on the rational wiki that was provided and I still think its possible for some of those prophecies to come true, not that I think its coming just that a possibility exists

Nature (67) (@stefan) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

I think religion really has to come to an end, just like the greek mythologies did. Despite the human race being ”intelligent”, we are extremely brainwashed and programmed into thinking a certain way… most of the population just assimilate the reality which their environment told them is true- ”jesus is truth, allah is truth, blabla bullshit”

Each of the holy books claim they have the answers, which with an open mind we can conclude is rubbish. There is absolutely no evidence for the claims that those holy books made, so it’s as good to believe that magic wands exist because harry potter says they do as it is to believe that biblical stories are true because the bible says so.

Religion does no good. You can say it gives good moral lessons. Maybe some, but we do not need religion to understand ”love thy neighbor” is a rule to follow if we are to live in a cooperative world. Not to mention all the horrible things included in the holy books and the horrible character of ”God” displayed in them. You an say ”it gives comfort to people, why should we take it away?” Well santa-clause gives comfort to kids, why did we have to educate them that santa-clause is bullshit?

People are so brainwashed, programmed to believe in certain things until they realize their belief system is no more than an idea given to them by someone else and they grasp on to it as it is the ultimate truth.

Once again, there is nothing pointing towards any religion being the Truth, so to believe religion with absolute certainty is to be ignorant.

If any of those numerous prophecies is fulfilled, it is a coincidence.

People who follow islam, for example, claim this prophecy is fulfiled
“Their skins will bear witness against them as to what they have been doing” (41:21)”
because now we have fingerprints(skin) to provide evidence against those who will be doing wrong. People can twist the words and use wishful thinking to fulfill these prophecies with their imagination.

yugen (29) (@jreynolds789) 8 years, 10 months ago ago

@johnnychang00, not quite like a prophecy, I’m making a rational assessment of these predictions. And I find fallacy. Not to mention that the Bible isn’t the only historical text prophesying events. They were created in a time when explanation was generalization, and the stars aligned to create gods of love and fear. I’m basing my standpoint firmly in random occurrence, off of an age of war and science where no higher being is sitting up there pulling strings.

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