iXfactor (@Xtine) 9 years ago

How do you feel about them? Just another day or soulfully significant as an anniversary celebration of your existence? Astrology and/or numerology influence if any at all?

I always get “another year gone by, fuck” syndrome ’round my bday as I contemplate my identity and life path. You know how kids are like “I’m 5 AND A HALF years old!”…I’d say adults can feel like a totally different person in a couple months, even weeks time span as well. I like birthdays because it truly is your ego’s and body’s special day (souls= timeless), but dislike that they are basically indicators of how old we should be acting hence limiting who we can be.

Any HEthan thoughts/ideas/opinions/fun facts/insight/questions/comments/concerns/info/bullshyt about our day of birth in general? Have a happy one to anyone sharing theirs this last week of Sept w me :)

September 27, 2013 at 5:04 pm

Trust me, birthdays become less and less of a deal the more of them you accrue.

DoThatThing4 (21) (@thatguy46and2) 9 years ago ago

@xtine, as a child I really enjoyed the thought of getting toys for my birthday. As an adult I feel like I should be the one giving thanks to my parents if not something of tangible value.

Anonymous (291) (@) 9 years ago ago

I can’t wait for my sons birthday.

Just so I can remind him every year how happy I am that he is alive.

TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 9 years ago ago

I myself would appreciate it if they would slow down.

ZenCowboy (179) (@zencowboy) 9 years ago ago

@xtine, You have a birth day, not birthdays.
By that I mean there was a moment in time where your physical self was born. You can choose the significance of that for yourself.
For me, every day after that should be a celebration of gratitude for that for yourself.
“Birthdays” as they have come to be are ludicrous and egocentric. Calendar time is a construct of humanity, its not actually real. So to celebrate anything off a cyclical time structure is nonsense. Time is linear.
A “birthday” should be a day you celebrate yourself for yourself by yourself. Not the narcissistic insanity they are today. Where you expect/want/need all the people you know to show their acknowledgement and appreciation of you every year. And to give you gifts as well. Please. That is so regressive and damaging to ones sense of self.
We all need to drop this outdated tradition. We need to get over ourselves.
We age. We do not have an age.
(that’s my perspective at least)

Anonymous (359) (@) 9 years ago ago

@xtine, Treating them like the 24 hours that you are more deserving of happiness than usual is terrible. Otherwise,birthdays are an opportunity for people to express their gratitude for the person. I like celebrating other people, but you can’t always be immersed in another’s presence, so why not embrace the excuse to rejoice in what they mean to you?

Anonymous (359) (@) 9 years ago ago

@xtine, Treating them like the 24 hours you are more deserving of happiness is terrible. Otherwise, I like celebrating other people’s personalities so birthdays are a way to rejoice in what that person means to you.

LVX (297) (@Vovinawol) 9 years ago ago

The alignment of the stars, when I incarnated into my body, tells me my intension of this life. Now all I have to do is fullfill this mission that I forgot. I am a water barer, so I shall bare water.

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