Blame Game!

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The following chain of events is an accurate representation of some real life events; something i went through in the recent past. I’m confident that i spent enough time reflecting on what happened and i’m finally ready to share this with the community so that i can get some constructive feedback to help me out in the future. Now I have to warn you, I wrote this so that it concisely describes the events, I used my best choice of terms/phrases to get you to capture the entire picture. Thanks for taking the time!

So it’s sometime in March, he’s standing on the balcony (4th floor) hanging out with a bunch, puffing on stramonium, having a laugh while what looked like a significantly tall woman at the time was walking on the pavement downstairs and laughing her ass out, “what’s so funny” he shouted in hopes his sound waves travel through that windy medium and reach her ear drum! “…… ….. … .. . . .. . .” she said but they couldn’t hear a word, so she carried on walking.

Few minutes later, one clown goes “Yo Houston, we got a problem, copy, four, five hotties in the lobby” said that “they can blow the rockets properly!” He was confused at some hour in time; eyes were red brown but blind! And in seconds, his large Versace forced him over his big head, he doesn’t even live there!!
He noticed the same girl walking through the balcony’s door, except that she didn’t have the same height they perceived from some 12 meters above the ground minutes earlier.
She approaches her flat door, and now he moves enlightened in sightings that he found, eyes haven’t witnessed much charm, but what’s her game, already knew it?!!!

Didn’t put his foot on till he made it clear they’re homies and not lovers. It turns out to be a lady he matched bonds with, nothing platonic, in fact some atomic bond shit, whenever he’s lonely, right on time she arrives, she knows the business for some minutes he buries that kitty alive. He liked to go get her to keep her warm in cold
weather, she blew below better then she goes for endeavours.

….Time flies….

It’s early July, they both moved out, and there isn’t much contact! In his eyes it was something that can be the same anytime anywhere, a bond that didn’t know no boundaries “Ayo I don’t really cry“ he asked why, “cause inside, no one ever really dies“, and “her presence was still alive” her shy voice, he could still hear it “her spirit in a room heavenly with the scent of her“ was still felt!

They weren’t on the issue, she never spoke her mind but he couldn’t help but notice her views, so many aspects of truth, in fact she let the past get to her, so thoughts on a better future, it couldn’t suit her alone

“Why you had to go?“ It hurt him inside, he felt guilty walking around outside with false pride, “If only we could vibe like, one more time, hear one more line or even show me one more sign of destiny itself would be fine“
But there’s no turning back the hands of time or delayin’ the plans of the mastermind, “So I hope you came across of what you had to find and watch over the ones you once loved“

January 2, 2015 at 7:27 pm
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