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Josh (@thirdeyesanta) 9 years, 1 month ago

Today i just finished moving into my new college apartment, where i found an old luggage travel ID card that my parents have given me for my vacation to the bahamas this year. It had my name and address on it from back at my parents house, but it also had my parents name on it as well, with their old address of their first apartment together right after they were married. It might not seem like much but it really resonated with me when i saw it. I thought that i could give it to them for an anniversary gift some time in the far future (assuming they will stay together for that long but i think they will). It might not seem like much but i think the memory of their first apartment and remembering their honeymoon(which was also to the bahamas) will have some sort of effect on them. To put it in a safe place, i put it on the back of my bass amp. it’ll be safe there till their 50th or so anniversary. Has anyone else had any ideas like this, or anything they have hidden to find again in the future?

August 28, 2013 at 11:53 am
Anonymous (6) (@) 9 years, 1 month ago ago

@thirdeyesanta, This is a really cool idea, and it gives me hope. Being surprised with a memento from the past on a significant occasion like a milestone anniversary would really move me, and mean a lot more than any gift money alone could buy.

Why does it give me hope? My kids are at a stage right now where they are learning so much about themselves and how to function in our culture, but the one thing that sometimes frustrates me is how they haven’t seemed to learn almost any consideration for others yet. I know there are developmental stages ahead that focus more on this, so there is time. But as a parent I try to frequently evaluate my performance; and whether I could be doing more for them right now, instead of just hoping something will work out for the best in the future.

I’d be so proud if they grew up to have thoughts like this. I just wonder if you do because you are just a naturally considerate person, or if there is anything I can do to help them cultivate consideration for others right now. I suppose modeling the behavior is the most straight-forward approach, and I have involved them when doing thoughtful things for others (as I will continue to in the future). What are your thoughts- do you have any specific insights about how you grew up that might have helped actions like this feel rewarding to you now?

Josh (9) (@thirdeyesanta) 9 years ago ago

I know that my family has done just about everything they could for me growing up and not just buying the things i needed or wanted, but they cared a lot for me, and it showed. Whether or not i wanted it, i knew i could come to them for help/guidance, as they set a good example for me growing up. All i can really say is that they made me happy and i want them to be happy too.

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