Brownie "OD" and what it meant for me

The Flying Pig (@TheFlyingPig) 7 years, 1 month ago

Hey guys, I want to share my story of this brownie i got from amsterdam and what happened to me.
Thursday, 4 pm after a long day at school, tired as fuck. Have to hand in important homework tomorrow. What to do? Work? Of course not!! Remembered I had this brownie in my fridge, about 3/4 left out of a brownie that had 1 gram of weed inside. I eat it all on a completely empty stomach and wait for the effects to kick in.
5 pm, started to eat something, hungry as hell, starting to feel the effects, lightheaded, funny feeling, easily entertained.
6 pm, im really really really getting anxious about stuff that s rushing in my mind like crazy, I start having different bad trips, personality disorders, a very low feeling, heart started beating way faster than usually. I mean, your heart usually beats faster than normal when you are high, but this was getting crazy, i should have measured my pulse.
7 pm, I am circling my room, almost pulling hair from my head, walking back and forth very anxious, paranoid.
I had this guilt trip that I am the worlds biggest douche for getting stoned when my group mate is doing all the work, and everybody will find out and think i am the “loner stoner” guy that needs help. Heart beats really fast, approximately 125 bpm, Anxiety attack ensues, Panic attack as well.
I felt like i disappointing everybody around me, that i will never get out of this, and that i will die out of a heart attack of lung collapse and nobody will ever know, but never, in the history of the world, there has been a record of somebody dying from weed, so i knew deep down that i was going to be okay in a few hours.
Already called my buddies and they were here to offer me help, i though i needed to call the hospital, but they calmed me down by surprising me with different stuff, distracting my attention.
8 pm and still crazying out, all the bad thoughts of my life are rushing into my mind, i am having the worst time of my life.
10 pm and finally getting me a little less, a friend showed me a new game, and i got really intrigued by it, which calmed me down enough so i gain “presence” again.
its 00:39 right now and i still feel it, I am cool and chill right now, but the worst thing is that my dorm had a break in 10 minutes ago, which freaked me out because i made eye contact with the burglar, that scared the shit out of me.

Enlightening experience, made me realize what kind of person I really am but please don’t ever eat a full brownie of weed, unless you know for sure it’s not strong enough for you. It can leave some serious damage

October 23, 2014 at 6:42 pm
YHVH (462) (@spaceghost) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

Would you do it again?

The Flying Pig (0) (@TheFlyingPig) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

Hey Rusty! Maaaan, I’m still high as a kite, and scared, I would never do this again! I have taken shrooms before in my life and had some bad moments on them, but it’s nothing compared to this, it’s terrifying! If there is one maximum point that you can think of reaching when you are high and still be able to function physically and mentally, from 1 to 20, i was somewhere at 55.

YHVH (462) (@spaceghost) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

You just ate too much. I’d like to experience eating too much but I don’t have easy access to edibles. Lesson learned eh? Ya dirty doper!

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