Call for submissions: Ambient Chillout / Meditation Music

Healing Chime Audio (@healingchime) 9 years, 7 months ago

I just wanted to extend the invitation to the many talented musicians here on HE. Music is my bliss, and I know many others on here share this kind of excitement for music making and creativity.

My netlabel Healing Chime Audio is looking for new artists to submit work for compilation albums (or full albums if you have enough quality material)

I posted the ad on craigslist and have gotten very positive response. Over 40 artist have submitted material. Out of those 40 artists I have about 10 that are going to be signed. I still need about 10 more artists to fill the 2013 schedule, so this is why I am extending the invitation here. I have heard a lot of great music posted here from time to time, so I know there are plenty of aspiring musicians on here.

We are currently accepting submissions for new artists who make music that can be described by any of the following tags: magical, mystical, field recordings, chill, uplifting, ambient, meditative, healing, native, sacred, visionary, melodic, yoga, modern, chanting, electronic, zen, piano, cinematic, drumming, space, instrumentals, vocals, christian, new thought, spiritual, transformational, nature, classical, romantic, new jazz, new acoustic, east west, trance, sufi, world, reiki, tai chi etc.

-Submit at least two tracks for consideration.
-We offer artists 80% commission on all track and album sales and actively work to promote your release on over 50 social web portals.

Just last night I was talking to Martin Blasick ( about releasing some of his wonderful native American flute recordings. With Martin and so many talented artists joining in on my little netlabel, the potential for growth is huge. So while we are small and I have the chance to listen to everything submitted, please do send your stuff.

Demo .Mp3s can be sent to healingchime @ gmail . com (remove spaces)

or our soundcloud dropbox.
You can read more about the label and call for submissions here:

Thanks and Blessings,
Label Curator
Healing Chime Audio

February 20, 2013 at 10:32 am
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