Can anyone else not smoke marijuana anymore?

Dom (@dominickjohn) 10 years, 4 months ago

Psychoactives definitely turn on (or off) a part of your brain every time they enter your system. No two ways about it. If you’re on the precipice of a thought or idea and you smoke, you’re either going to have some kind of breakthrough, or it’s going to dominate your thoughts. Depends on what you’re doing and if they’re other stimulus around too.

For me, personally, I never get profound revelations from cannabis anymore, but it still puts me in a better frame of mind to have really long, elaborate, trippy conversations. If I want aid in turning inside and having a deep think session, stripping my ego away: mushrooms.

January 7, 2012 at 10:14 pm
Kisstal07 (0) (@Kisstal07) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

Hoping someone could explain to me why my marijuana experience is so different to others.

when I first tried smoking it, I never felt anything. Everyone would say they are so high, but I didn’t know what high was. I felt completely normal. No matter how much I smoked. In any kind of way, I felt normal. 

Then a fair few years later, I was introduced to my second drug. MDMA. after a night on it, some friends were smoking some weed and offered me some. I had a couple of small puffs. Then it hit me. I had a 5 second memory loss. I lost control of my mind. I was hilicinating. And felt very paranoid about a lot of crazy stuff. I felt like I was on a 9 of 10 from dieing. It was an aweful experience. But everyone else was mellow and normal. “High”.

I was too afraid to do drugs there after. Then a few months down, a friend had rolled a joint and offered me some, i wanted to know if what I experienced the last time was me mixing two drugs together or if it was all just the weed. So I took two puffs, and it did it again. Just not as bad. I thought that’s what it felt like to be high but when I would explain it to people, they didn’t understand. What does high feel like? I feel like I can’t think, I struggle to function properly, I have a 5 second memory loss causing me to not want to talk because I’ll get 5 seconds into the story and forget what I was talking about. Then remember it 10 minutes later and try telling it again, only to stop half way through it again wandering what I was saying. Then if I stare at walls, they look like they are slightly moving in an out. I’m so paranoid about what people are thinking. Then there’s my hearing, I can hear people clearly from two rooms down. Instead of it being a murma, I can make sense of what they are actually saying. things freak me out easily, and make me laugh mor than others. Then I have this thing when I say or do something, I feel like it took me ages to do, like it was all in slow motion. Like I took too long to say something. Or doing something that took me 10 minutes (like smoking a cigerette) felt like I had been doing it for an hour in slow motion. It’s fucked. I kept trying it here and there after, thinking it’s just something else in the weed.But after so many goes, it seems everytime I have it, it happens. After just two small puffs I’m fucked. And it lasts like that for hours, probably about 6 hours till I’m back to my normal functioning self. 

I hate the feeling. So I can’t smoke it anymore. Why did it go from not affecting me at all, to affecting me so differently from everyone else? 

I have been trying to google te answer. 

And I’ve tried talking to people who get high to explain to me why mines so different. And I can’t find an answer anywhere, nor can I find anyone that says they experience the same thing. 

losingthebalance (0) (@Jamesboom) 6 years, 7 months ago ago

I stopped smoking a month ago because I was starting a new job and wanted to play it safe. I definitely miss the high. Music, exercise, food, relax. Every once in a awhile I smell it but I know theres nothing around. My alcohol and cig use has gone up. I’m too paranoid now. I like my job and don’t want to risk it. Murphy’s Law. Contemplating buying a vape… Even writing that sentence made my insides cringe. I don’t really like drinking. Coffee + cigs are my go to now…

7Wolf (0) (@7Wolf) 6 years, 4 months ago ago

I had a good laugh while reading what Jeff had to say and agree almost 100%- I too smoked weed for many, many years and have seen the decline. I know this isn’t totally to do with indoor cultivation because when I have had some I or a friend has grown in the past everything was fine, though lately- being the last decade I have seen an edgier side of weed that was not present before- paranoia heightened, panic attacks, zombified- hearing one’s own thoughts amplified, schizophrenia at times, the list goes on…..the point is if we cannot trust the foods we eat because they are being genetically modified- corporations like Monsanto making billions off poisoning us, the water is also being contaminated with fluoride, do we think to trust the government with a presently illegal substance? Not to mention- interesting how much it’s being pushed in the music industry, Hollywood and is easy to find anywhere. Didn’t the government put crack cocaine in the neighborhoods back in the late 80’s? Do we think they don’t know where all these weed dealers are? Hmmm….something to think about. Any substance a person can become immune to the dangerous properties if it were lightly sprayed with meth-amphetamine and dried- that’s another thing too- T.H.C. is sticky and will go out, if a person gets use to a certain chemical compound sprayed on weed- then of course a tolerance and addiction will build and that person will never know what they have actually been smoking unless they were to conduct a chemistry analysis. Either way, I am a believer in Jesus Christ and felt in the last few years that with all the things I do know about the times- it’s best for me to clear my head and stay empowered. God bless all on their quest.

Sheila (0) (@Sheila-Taylor) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

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minifer (2) (@itsminifer) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

I am not sure if anyone will ever see this post again… but I can`t tell you how glad I am to know I’m not the only one having this weird feeling with weed… although now reading you guys made me realize it can’t be just weed…

I’ve been a heavy smoker for about 3 to 4 years, some times more than others, but I’ve had it in almost every form, all kinds of strains, cooked, hashish, wax, kiff, etc.

I’ve had some panic attacks sure, like most of the people who smoke or have smoked… but nothing like this.

I have to make a note that I have never tried, LSD, cocaine, or anything chemical, not once.

two years ago I had my first Ayahuasca experience, and it really was life changing, it was a fully awakening making me feel connected with the Earth, allowing me to see the incredible beauty in everything, long story short it was divine, profound and amazing.

I never stopped smoking in between Ayahuasca ceremonies, I’ve had 10 in the past two and a half years, and everything was normal.

On june 22nd 2014 I had a very very strong experience during a ceremony, I felt like I was literally dying, my worst fears presented themselves to me live and in my face, it was so scary, but the moment I surrendered everything became pure bliss, I then understood that in life we can’t struggle, you just gotta go with the flow and always give the best of yourself.

after that experience I stopped doing Ayahuasca cuz I was just to scared to do it again… but then on december 6th 2014, I had my first magic mushroom experience and it was amazing as well, beautiful, although at the beginning there’s a part of the trip where all the layers of my humanity started peeling off… suddenly I was nothing, I had no body, no mind, no nothing… and yet everything, I could see the spirits and faces of the trees, I did in an amazing set and setting among people I love and trust, and this amazing telepathy just happened between us, we could just see each other’s thoughts… I can’t describe it, after the experience I felt awesome, even more than after Ayahuasca (which is a state of incredible peace and joy) mushrooms were like the next level.

then on december 21st 2015, I did Ayahuasca again even though I was very scared and it was amazing again, strong experience as always it is not recreational, it is a matter of self growth and divine connnection, then I did it again on februrary 6th this year and never ever I had mixed Ayahuasca with weed, up until that time, and I felt weed made me come down from Ayahuasca and then I was just high on weed, which I didn’t exactly love, and then the nex time was february 12th this year, and again weed only made me come down.

I must admit I was feeling for several months that I was smoking too much and had like 2 day breaks or so, I felt like it was draining my will, my strenght, I couldn’t focus and I felt like I wasn’t in this realm, the physical and real dimension, I was always floating.

It was this past full moon that I smoked on midnight and it was awful… I was shaky, feeling incredibly strange, my lip felt funny, very anxious and scared, I went straight to bed and at the next day I was kinda normal, and ever since that day if I smoke doesn’t matter the quantity I get this panic attacks and start feeling like I’ve lost my mind, like my soul is going away from my body or something like that… very, very strange.

I know I must stop smoking, and I have, I don’t ever want to feel that way again, sometimes I even feel funny when I’m sober, which kinda scares me too. 

but my question is, does anyone know why this happens?

I have some theories… like obviously I smoked to much for years, maybe Ayahuasca and shrooms don’t go with weed (I know for a fact Ayahuasca and shrooms are incredible medicines and have changed my life in a positive way), or is it just the universe telling me I should trascend weed or something?

would love some feedback, thank you so much guys!!!! lost of love.

Anonymous (0) (@) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

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Teall (0) (@Mahad) 6 years, 8 months ago ago

Dom this also happened to me and sweet Jesus it feels good to know I’m not alone. It started when I went to Amsterdam for the first time about a month and a half ago. Me and my friends had been really wanting to try magic truffles and got the most powerful batch. We ate them in silence in the hotel and then decided to go out for a walk. As we were walking I remember this pressure building up inside this intense feeling that something big was about to happen. I looked at my friend and he said he could feel the same thing. We started to speed up and I realised that the streets were becoming more and more congested and I could hear an feel everything. We then arrived at what seemed like our destination Amsterdam square. It was breathtaking considering at this point I was fully tripping, it was a beautiful summer day and everything looked surreal crisp and fake. Me and my friends just stood in the centre gawping at the beauty and that’s when things started to go to shit . We sat down on a bench and I remember distinctly saying to my friend “we have to go now”  then suddenly all my friends were gone and I was standing in the centre where everyone was looking at me. I don’t know what was real or not at this point but I’ll try to explain what I saw. I quickly tried to calm myself down and sat back down on the bench  as I was sitting there I realised that everything that was happening was an embodiment of my consciousness and that we were all one. I felt like there was somewhere I needed to go, like I had to leave the illusion which was the real world and transcend everything. It gets weirder. The thing is I knew this was true, everything I stove for in my 18 years of existence everything that happened the feeling that something was always off was leading to this moment. Suddenly everything starts moving a tram moves past everything turns to a blur and then suddenly my friend appears out of no where and we start making our way back. At this point my mind fully snaps , and I have no idea who I am or what is happening. When I come back to life the next morning I wake up with my friends all huddled around me talking about what happened and it doesn’t seem that big of a deal. The worst thing was I felt like they were all in on it and that I had reached some kind of awakening. They were all very comforting and helped me get over it.

now fast forward about 4 weeks and I’ve just gotten over everything that Happened and im just enjoying life. After the trip the next couple of weeks were extremely relaxed and all the anxiety and depression that plagued me before is kinda gone and I’m just fully immersed in having a good time. My friend pulls up to my house with some weed he got off a new dealer and we decide to give it whirl, now bear in mind that I’m a pretty experienced stoner at this point this weed shouldn’t effect me as badly as it did but I’ll try explain what happened again. So we’re chilling in the park me my mate and some other guy and we’re pretty stoned at this point and I get a familiar feeling in my stomach, the feeling of tension I got in Amsterdam and immediately I start panicking inside, although I make sure to keep it on a downlow so as to not repeat what happend last time (I failed to mention that whilst I blacked out in Amsterdam apparently I screamed help me and collapsed into fetal and got hit by a moped idk). So I relax and suddenly the physical world responds to me and everything takes on a relaxing purplish hue, I’m no longer as cold and I’m starting to fully embrace being one with the universe, I don’t know how to fully explain what was happening but, whatever thought I had my friends would respond in the exact manner I needed them to, like I wasn’t speaking, I was just sitting there zoned out, but the way my friends were moving the sounds I was hearing the lights I was seeing felt like it was apart of my mind and that it would respond to me. I managed to get home safely and I just couldn’t stop smiling I had reached a milestone in my growth and life was good. Now suddenly my life is even better, I’m just happy for no reason. I’ve started reading again and exercising and actively working to become who I want to be. I no longer care what people think and can now fully trust in the universe to provide whatever I need. I know that something is coming idk what but whatever it is I know intrinsically that I can handle it haha.

like instead of coming of negatively I’ve come out the other end feeling like the world is my oyster and it is haha

Just trust man, the universe is abundant in its wisdom. Ditch the fear and do whatever your supposed to,remember you create your own reality. 

Good luck on your journe!

p.s there is a lot I left out because I prefer actually speaking to typing shit, sorry for the lack of punctuation and terrible sentence structure lmao

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