Can someone change his/her nature?

Username (@DisplayName) 4 years, 10 months ago

    There is this constant noise telling us “stick to your true nature,” or “be true to yourself.” Me and a friend were discussing this the other day and he believes no one should try to change another person. In the end, if he/she acts differently they will always return to their true nature. He used this analogy to explain it to me, “There was a scorpion and a frog (or toad, I don’t know the difference), at a river. The frog can’t cross the river because an eagle nearby will swoop in and catch him, and obviously a scorpion can’t cross the river. So they made a deal, the scorpion will hop on to the frogs back and the scorpion will keep the eagle away (if you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s the scorpions stinger that will act as a deterrent for the eagle). So on they went across the river and the eagle swooped in. Seeing the scorpions sting set and ready the eagle retreated and flew away. Reaching close to the end of the river, the scorpion stinged the frog. As they both submerged the frog asked the scorpion why he/she (I say he/she so I wouldn’t insult anyone) stung him/her. And the scorpion replied, “it’s in my nature.” So, I’m wondering if it’s truly possible to change a persons nature. Personally, I have tried and failed countless times but this isn’t about me. With each day I get older (I’m 21 now, please don’t judge me on my age) I realize truly, despite how rebellious I am towards religion and culture, how much of a deep seated nature I have when it comes to what my upbringing has imprinted on me. I believe I am a very self-reflective person and lately I am spotting small almost ghostlike nuances in my personality that have a huge driving factor in my everyday thoughts and actions. It’s unreal how truly oblivious we are to our nature and, I believe, how primal our thought patterns towards human psyche truly is despite all the psychological discoveries we’ve had. I know, you are all probably thinking that I am just saying things without substantiating anything and for that I apologize but I would rather keep these validations to myself as they are still fuzzy, blurry, and young. But yeah, so what do you think? Can we change our true nature?

October 12, 2017 at 12:32 pm
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