Cannabis and how it effects people differently

 probability (@probability) 7 years, 6 months ago

Now then…where to begin ;) I had always been very sensible my whole life as a kid/teenager, maybe a bit too sensible. I always found conversation with adults more meaningful and stimulating then with people of my own age, i always felt I was that bit maturer then people of my age. I was pretty intelligent, not “book smart” but from some reason my “common sense” seemed to make sense? most of the time. I had friends most of my life till I hit a period of about 4 years when i started high school i seemed to drift and took to the internet in a big way, i was an avid gamer and loved the safety net of the internet/gaming world, locked up inside my room. I had some very unhappy years during this stage, i became big time obese, and I pretty much could not function socially at all. While on the outside I usually had a smile on my face and had a good humor with people, it was all a sham, im pretty bummed i didn’t go down the road of acting because boy was i good at it :). So this takes me on to the age of 17 where i started to get out more, hanging out with some new friends and i started puffing the herb, At the start it was just casual but as the months went on i came up through the ranks of the guy who would whitey out on a couple of tokes to the guy who would smoke a quarter a day no problem, I replaced my eating/gaming addiction for weed. I had also been very insecure still most of the time, and i felt weed changed my thought pattern to think “fuck it” instead of worry about what people thought of me. And it did I changed as a person through weed, what i think weed did to me, was it stopped me caring, but it also stopped me caring about all parts of my life, i simply did not give a fuck! Which is not the way you are meant to live. So fast forward a few years and im now in my 20s ive been addicted to weed for about 4-5 years now. Smoking 2 grams – a quarter every day. In the past year ive been on/off it like a yoyo. Ive gotten to the stage where i know what it feels like not to be stoned and im love it, i mean i love living when not stoned, im confident, outgoing and motivated, but I always seem to slip back into my old ways.

Let me point out the effect weed has on me now :

One Joint will have these effects on me for at least 2-3 days after i smoke

If i smoke I can not control my thoughts/moods/feelings
I become very very lazy and stop to care
I slur my words/mix up sentences
I become anxious and have negative thoughts/feelings (Depression)
I have no control over how much i smoke and will leave myself heavily in debt after a few days of smoking (2 grams = 80 dollars where i live in Europe)
I don’t want to be around people i just want to stay in my room.
When im stoned i zone out and can not keep attention.

I feel cannabis has an effect on my vibrations, or my bio field ??? Im not even sure what my bio field is to be honest but it feels like there’s a cloud of fog around my head for days after smoking.

Do other people have these effects from weed? I look at my friends who are all smokers I can see the simptons in many of them, from negativeness and laziness but they cant see it.

To cut a long story short, do people who smoke everyday really enjoy it or is it just an illusion of a false high that keeps them going? Or is it just my chemical make up, my body is pretty much telling me stop smoking.

Weed really is getting so much “good” press at the moment, im wondering what effect this is going to have on our population in 20 years time. Im for legalization as it doesn’t protect anyone being illegal, but do we really know enough out cannabis to being giving it the “harmless” tag.

Your thoughts please folks, id love to hear them!

April 7, 2014 at 6:54 pm
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